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Kerala Style Roasted Coconut Squid Curry- Varutharacha Koondhal Curry

Hi Everyone, I am sharing a recipe of Kerala style Roasted Coconut Squid Curry, it is very often cooked in the southern parts of kerala. In Kerala this curry is known as Varutharacha  Squid Curry. We can had this curry along with rice, chappathi, dosa etc. This is called as Theeyal in many parts of kerala. Varutharacha curries are one of my family favorite curry except me, the fact that it requires some effort in roasting and grinding. But its taste compensate for all the efforts involved. Grated coconut and masalas are fried and then ground to a paste and added to the cooked squid. Roasted coconut and fresh spices make this curry really yummy. The consistency of the gravy will be thick and flavorful. So try out this yummy curry and send me feed back here in comments.

roasted coconut squid curry

How to Make Kerala Style Roasted Coconut Squid Curry- Varutharacha Koondhal Curry

Clean and cut squid into round pieces as rings or square pieces.Take a claypot and transfer squid to it and Cook squid along with turmeric powder, salt, water chopped ginger and garlic. Cook it for 15- 20 mins, do not over cook squid, otherwise it becomes hard.


Heat a non stick frying pan, dry roast the grated coconut till brown in a medium low flame. Then add the kashmiri chilly powder, corriander powder, pepper corns, fenugreek seeds and fennel powder, saute it for 2 mins. Keep it aside to cool down.


Grind the fried coconut mixture to a fine paste, now transfer this coconut mixture and tamarind pulp to cook squid. Add enough  water and allow to boil for 2 mins.


Meanwhile heat a frying pan with coconut oil, fry shallots and green chillies until golden brown. Transfer this to the curry. Adjust the salt at this level.


Heat the same frying pan again, add remaining coconut oil, mustard seeds, curryleaves and dry red chillies, saute it for a minute. Transfer this to the curry.


Remove from fire. Covered and keep it rest for 30 minutes. Serve along with rice.

kanava curry

Enjoy!! Happy Cooking.


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