Malabar Kaipola

Malabar Kaipola- Banana Cake

Malabar Kaipola is a sweet snack known as banana cake. Its the most authentic malabar recipe, used to prepare during Ramadan days. Its one of the main item in iftar parties, its a sweet combination of ripe banana, eggs and nuts. It is a good tea time snack also. The most nice thing is that the dish is very tasty and easy to prepare with not much time. So lets see this easy recipe with step by step cooking pics follows.


How to Make Malabar Kaipola- Banana Cake

Heat half portion of ghee in a frying pan, then add cashews and rasins. Roast it until golden brown color.keep it aside


On the same same frying pan add chopped banana, saute it for 5  mins.keep it aside


In a blender add 4 eggs, cardamom and sugar. Beat it until the mixture well combined.



Now add egg batter along with banana's and combine well.



Heat a frying deep bottom pan on  a medium flame, add the left over ghee, then transfer the egg batter into the pan.


Now sprinkle rasins and cashews on top, close with a lid and cook for 10 mins in a very low flame.


 When one side is done, flip it over a plate and reserve back to the pan to cook the otherside for 5 minutes. After five minutes serve it hot.


Enjoy!! Happy Cooking

banana cake

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