Vattayappam- Vellapola- Steamed Rice Cake

Vattayappam or vellapola/ Steamed Rice Cake is one healthy traditional dish.  Its a round steam cake using rice, grounded coconut, sugar and fermented with yeast. By this recipe you can make a super soft fluffy rice cake. Fresh coconut or tender coconut can use for this recipe. Its a very easy to make as break fast or evening snack. Its a very popular in the christian community of kerala. So see the recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows.

vattayappam v

How to Make Vattayappam- Vellapola- Steamed Rice Cake 

Wash the white rice and soak for 3 hours. In a blender add soaked rice, grated fresh coconut, boiled rice , yeast,sugar and coconut water.


Do not add more water. The batter should be thick like that of idli batter. Grind it for 5 mins to a smooth paste. Transfer it to a bowl.


Heat a pan with semolin/rava, add half cup water and boil until batter turn thicker.


Now transfer this semolina batter to the grounded rice mixture.Combine well and keep it rest for 5 hours.


The batter will be fully fermented and will raise to double.Then add cardamom powder and salt.


Now grease a round disk plate with ghee. Pour the batter to the plate about half full. And place it to a pre heated steamer.


Close the steamer and cook it for 15- 20 mins, in a medium low flame.  when it  is done, invert the cake to a serving plate.


Enjoy!! Happy Cooking.


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