Pineapple pudding

Pineapple Pudding- Two Tier- Double Decker Pudding

pineapple tier pudding

Its a delicious, yummy dessert that can be made for parties or even birthday parties. This pineapple tier pudding made with very few ingredients like pineapple, condensed milk and milk. Its an easy Indian style eggless pineapple pudding with gelatin. I hve used fresh pineapple for making instead of that you can use canned pineapple also. Its a very simple, easy and a low cost sweet dessert. I got this recipe from my friend Anoopa and I maked some changes of my own. She added egg and butter instead of that I used condensed milk and milk for this pudding. Actually this pudding no need baking also, Its a pure vegetarian pudding. So lets see recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows

How to Make Pineapple Pudding- Two Tier- Double Decker Pudding

Mix gelatin with cold water and keep it aside.  Take a blender, add pineapple pieces and sugar blend it nicley to a fine puree. I have used a heavy duty mixer for blending.

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Heat a pan, transfer pineapple puree and stir it continously in a medium low flame. When it get lightly thicken turn off the fire and add in half portion of soaked gelatin and combine well. So that gelatin will melt nicely.

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Take a pudding bowl (preferably glas bowl), and grease it with little butter and pour the pineapple mix and keep it in freezer to become set. It will take almost 1 hour.


Meanwhile boil milk along with condensed milk and stir it for 5 mins in a medium low flame. Off the flame, add vanilla essence and add rest of the gelatin in it. Combine well and allow it to cool. 

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Pour this over the set pineapple layer. And keep this in refrigerator for another one hour for setting it nicely.

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Later when both the layers have set. Take out from refrigerator and serve it chilled. Cut into desired shapes and granish it with cherry.


Enjoy!! Happy Cooking.


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  1. sorry to hear that, it could have probably worked (just guessing!) as a full-bodied pudding with layers for parties. This one is nice to try as a homely everyyday kind of pudding.
    will surely try anyway thnks.

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