tender coconut pudding

Tender Coconut Mixed Chocolate Pudding- Elaneer Pudding

tender coconut chocolate pudding

Its a authentic kerala dessert, the famous Tender Coconut pudding. Its really a healthy dessert with lots of health benefits. Kerala is very famous for coconuts and elaneer. This pudding is actually a experiment, along with tender coconut I have used chocolate for a variety taste. But I swear its a very delicious tempting pudding with a yummy taste.  I have used here Hershey’s dark chocolate powder for making this pudding and I strongly recommend Hershey’s product. Chocolate has become one of the most popular food types and flavors in the world, especially among kids. Milk, fresh cream, condensed milk are the other major ingredients of this healthy yummy recipe. Milk and condensed milk is adding to create the perfect taste. The tender coconut and chocolate together gives a remarkable taste and a really soft pudding ever. Once u taste this pudding , u wont stop making it.


So If you like coconut, you will not be diappointed with this pudding, Give it a try. The recipe with step by step making pics follows.

coconut pudding

How to Make Tender Coconut Mixed Chocolate Pudding- Elaneer Pudding 

Grind tender coconut pulp and water into a smooth paste and keep aside.Double boil the gelatin in a bowl till it dissolves completely.

step1 (2) step 1 a

Now boil milk and make it warm, then add the milk to the condensed milk along with sugar and keep it aside.

step2 step 2a

Now add in fresh cream and combine well.


Now divide the milk mixture into two portion. One portion keep it aside and take the other portion and mix along with grounded tender coconut mixture and combine well.In the remaining portion add chocolate powder and combine well.

step4step4 a

Combine half of the gelatin into the tender coconut milk mix. Let the mixture cool down completely. Pour it to a setting tray and keep it refrigerator for setting down.


Now pour the remaining gelatin into the chocolate mixtureand combine well. Then check the pudding in the refrigerator, when it is 3/4 done ( not allow to fully set down) pour the chocolate mixture on the top of the tender coconut pudding. Now we will get a marble texture of pudding. Now again keep in refrigerator, until pudding is completely done and add  chocolate chips on top.

step 5

Mean while heat a pan with 2tbsp sugar, little water and grated coconut. Fry it on a very low flame till it starts to turn brown.

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After fully set, demould the pudding to a serving tray and garnish it with caramel coconut and choco chips.Cut into desired shape and serve chilled.


Enjoy!! Happy Cooking.


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  1. It is a tempting recipe, step by step definitely helps while cooking, Pl. also give the direction together which is easier to take a copy and store in the file.
    I will definitely try this.
    Thank you.

  2. if i avoid cocoa, can it be done with just coconut? will the measurements change?
    with choc, it probably tastes like Bounty Choc

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