Kallu Shap Beef Fry- Kerala Toddy Shop Style Beef Fry

Kallu Shap Beef Fry- Kerala Toddy shop Style

Kerala Traditional Beef Fry- Kerala Toddy Shop Style, recipe with tep by tep cooking pictures as follows.

Kerala Toddy Shop Style Beef Fry

If you are a Keralite you may heard about the traditional yummy foods of kallushap( toddy shop) . This is a very popular side dish especially  in Kottayam, Kerala. This is a traditional beef fry used to cook at toddy shops, and to acheive the authentic taste all natural masalas are used.  I got this attractive chicken recipe from a traditional toddy shop in kumarakom in Kerala long back. During our boat cruise or travelling across the village, we can see  a small thatched building with a black board and written ‘Kallu’ boldly in white. This spicy beef fry or non- veg curries are served as a side dish for toddy. The toddy is extracted from coconut tree and is collected in a clay pot. This is served also in clay pots. The most commonly served dishes are mashed tapioca,beef fry or beef roast,  red fish curry, crab curry, mussels fry, duck roast, frog leg fry, pearl spot( karimeen) fry in banana leaf and many varities of lip-smacking food are available in toddy shops. The recipes highlight is hot, spicy and really yummy fry, goes well with rice, poratta etc.

Kallu Shaap Style Beef Fry

How to Make Beef Fry- Kerala Toddy shop Style

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl except coconut oil and curry leaves. Mix it along with hand very well.

step1 step1a

Then add washed and drained beef and combine well. Keep aside for 30 minutes.


Add the marinated beef in a pressure cooker, add 1/2 cup water. Cook until beef turn soft and tender. The gravy should be fully absorbed.


Heat a pan, add coconut oil, the add in curry leaves and stir it well.


Then add in cooked beef and combine well. Stir well ocassionaly, so that beef turns dark brown. Stir until water is fully absorbed and meat pieces are well dired and masala coated as well.Ready to serve.

step5 step5a

Enjoy!! Happy Cooking.

Toddy Shop Style Beef Fry

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  1. I tried this today and it came out very well! I doubled the recipe and we barely have enough for a second meal. It was that good.

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