Fish in Hot garlic sauce- Indo- Chinese style

Fish in Hot Garlic Sauce- Indo- Chinese Style

Fish in Hot Garlic Sauce- Indo- Chinese Style, the recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows.

Whole Fish in hot gralic sauce

Indo- Chinese cuisine is the adaptation of Chinese seasoning and cooking techniques to Indian tastes. The Indo- chinese cuisine is developed by the small Chinese community that has lived in Kolkata for over a century. Todays day to day life Chinese food plays a vital role in Indian culinary scene.

Indo-Chinese Style fish in hot garlic sauce

This fish recipe is one of the most famous Indio- Chinese recipe in ‘ Oriental spice’ a famous restaurant at Trivandrum, a district in Kerala State India. For this particular recipe white flesh fish are commonly used, you can use any kind of firm white fish, such as snapper, rock fish, tilapia, sea bass are also good choices. Of course, if you can also use fish fillet, just reduce the cooking time. Restaurant either serve their whole fish or thinly sliced according to our demands.

Fish in Hot garlic sauce chinese style

This is really simple easy recipe in which I have used whole fish, pan fried until cripsy and then covered with a hot garlic gravy with garlic, brown sugar, chilli sauce. This is usually part of a larger meal. This can be pair along with a soup and few cooked vegetables. Once again I thank Chef Manoj for this wonderful recipe.

Whole fish in chinese gravy

How to Make Fish in Hot Garlic Sauce- Indo- Chinese Style

Clean and wash fish in running water. Pat the fish dry with kitchen towels, and make a few gashes on both sides.


Pour 1/2 tbsp soya sauce, vinegar and add garlic paste. Marinate the fish for 30 mins and keep it aside.


Sprinkle the cornflour, mix well and keep it ready for frying.

step3 step3a

Heat a wide frying pan, brush little oil. Add fish, fry the fish on very low flame. Fry the fish both sides until brown and cooked. 

step4 step4a

If its done, remove from the pan and drain on papaer towels.


Heat oil in a deep bottom sauce pan, add chopped ginger, garlic and onions. Fry for a couple of minutes.

step6 stepa

Add in chilly sauce and tomato sauce, mix well.


Pour remaining soya sauce, combine well. Add brown sugar and lemon juice, adjust salt at this level.

step8 step8a

Add fish stock and bring to boil. Add finely chopped spring onions and remove from heat.

step9 step9a

Place the fish on the serving plate. Pour the sauce over the fish, and granish with shredded carrots and cabbage on top of the fish. Serve hot.


Enjoy!! Happy Cooking.

Chinese style fish in hot garlic sauce

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