Kerala style veg stew

Vegetable Stew Recipe- How to Make Kerala Style Mixed Veg Stew

Vegetable Stew Recipe- How to Make Kerala Style Mixed Veg Stew, is a very simple preparation using mixed vegetables and coconut milk. Which goes well with appam/ rice hoppers, idiyappam/ string hoppers. The detailed recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows.

Kerala Veg Stew

Kerala Style Mixed Veg Stew is a simple preparation along with mixed vegetables, just need to temper and cook the veggies in thin coconut milk. If you don’t have thin coconut milk, then you can cook vegetables in water and finely add thick coconut milk. Here I have used fresh aromatic spices tempered in coconut oil, if you want you can use spice powders also. This is a highly aromatic mild spicy stew with real flavor and taste of the coconut milk.

Kerala Vegetable Stew

A stew is a combination of solid food ingredients that have been cooked in liquid and served with gravy. Ingredients in a stew can include both vegetables and meat. The common used vegetables are potatoes, onions, carrots and beans. Stews are similar to soups, stews have less liquid than soups, much thicker. Stews may be thick enough to be served on a plate with the gravy as a side dish.

Kerala style mixed veg stew

One of the best Kerala style mixed vegetable stew recipe that is healthy, easy to make, lets see how I made this delicious stew.

Kerala Style Veg Stew Recipe

How to Make Vegetable Stew Recipe- How to Make Kerala Style Mixed Veg Stew

Chop all the vegetables into diced or cube sized pieces. Keep it aside.


Heat coconut oil in a deep bottom frying pan, allow mustard seeds to splutter. Then add in cinnamon, star anise, cardamom, cloves, pepper corns, fennel seeds and saute them until fragrant arise.


Then add in ginger, onion, green chillies, curry leaves and saute till onions become translucent.


Now add in remaining chopped vegetables and stir well for a minute. Then add pepper powder and needed salt.


Now pour the thin coconut milk/ water. Cover the pan with a lid and allow to cook the vegetables in a medium low flame. Cook vegetables until they are tender and soft.

step5 step5a

Finally add the thick coconut milk and give it a quick stir. Simmer for 2 seconds and off the flame. Sprinkle curry leaves and a teaspoon of coconut oil on top. Serve along with Kerala appam.

step6 step6a

Enjoy!! Happy Cooking.

Kerala Style Veg Stew Recipe

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