Bread Omelet

Bread Omelet- 3 Best Bread Omelette Recipes- Cheese Bread Omelet Indian Style

Bread Omelet- 3 Best Bread Omelette Recipes- Cheese Bread Omelet Indian Style, is one of the best breakfast recipe. It is very popular in South India. This 3 omelet recipes are really good for people who are just bored with plane omelet. The detail recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows.

Bread Omelet- 3 best Omelette recipes

In cuisine, an omelet or omelette is a dish made from beaten eggs quickly cooked with ghee, butter or oil in a frying pan without stirring. It is quite common to mix egg with chopped vegetables or folded with cheese. To obtain a fluffy texture, whole eggs or sometimes only egg whites are beaten with a small amount of milk or cream or even with little water.

Bread Omelet- Bread Omelette

Egg bread omelet Indian style with some fresh vegetables and some spices. This omelets are one of my kids favorite breakfast recipe. This 3 omelette are prepared with same egg bread batter in three different shapes and taste. The main impressing fact is that it does not require much preparation. It can be prepared with all the ingredients available at home.

Bread Omelet recipes

In the 1st omelet I have used grated cheese and made in the shape of a pan pizza. In the 2nd omelet,  the plain omelet is stuffed with bread slices and folded. In the third omelet the bread and egg batter is topped with mixed vegetables and cook both sides like a uthappam. ( pan cake) This three omelet have three different variety taste and flavour.

Bread Omelette

For three different texture bread omelet the base batter is used the same. So lets see the three different varieties of perfect bread omelet by following this easy recipe. 

Bread Omelet- Omelette

How to Make Bread Omelet- 3 Best Bread Omelette Recipes- Cheese Bread Omelet Indian Style

Finely chop onion, tomato, green chilly, carrot and cilantro, combine well with little salt and set aside.

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Take 4 eggs in a mixing bowl along with turmeric powder, pepper powder and little salt. Beat it very nicley along with 2 tbsp milk until well combined.


In a blender add 6 slices bread and remaining milk to a smooth paste, as like of idli batter.


Pour bread batter to egg mix and combine well.


Add half portion of the chopped vegetables to the egg bread batter and combine well. Adjust salt at this level. So the batter is ready for making bread omelets.


For making 1st bread omelet, heat a non- sticky frying pan with ghee and butter.


Pour 1/3 rd of the batter to the frying pan to prepare omelet. Heat should be in very low. The omelet should cook well, so cover it with a lid.


Sprinkle very little vegetables on top.


When the omelet is cooked, add grated cheese on top and cook for 2 more minutes in a medium low flame.


Transfer to a plate and serve hot along with tomato sauce.

Omelet Recipe

For 2nd bread, heat the same pan with little ghee.


Pour 1/2 of the batter to the pan to make omelet. Heat should be medium and let it cook for a minute.


Now keep the bread slices on top of the omelet and let it cook for another 2 minutes.


Now fold the omelet gently.


Transfer to a plate and serve hot.


For 3 rd omelet, heat the same pan with remaining ghee.


Pour remaining egg batter and cook in medium flame for 1 minute.


Sprinkle remaining chopped vegetables on top of the omelet. Cook for 1 more minute.


Now flip the omelet carefully by holding with ladle. Cook it for another 2 minutes in low flame.


Transfer to a plate and serve hot.


Enjoy!! Happy Cooking and stay healthy!!

Bread Omelet- Bread Omelette

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