Nadan Beef Curry

Nadan Pothu Erachi Curry- Kerala Traditional Beef Curry- My Grandma’s Recipe

Nadan Pothu Erachi Curry- Kerala Traditional Beef Curry, is a recipe that packs a tasty punch! Taught to me by my granny. This is a delicious spicy preparation of beef in clay pot. I made this curry in clay pot on the stove. Great served with steamed rice and mashed tapioca. To get the best traditional taste, I prefer to slow cook the beef in onion masala with less water. You can make this a dry curry or with more gravy as well to suit your taste and need. Here is the detailed recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows.

Nadan Pothu Curry

Many beef recipes are available in my blog. But this one is so precious and got many appreciation from my friends and family, which has a very rich, thick gravy and real traditional taste. The color of the gravy is due to use of kashmiri chilly powder and black pepper is used to make the curry spicy. The recipe is so easy and can be prepared within 50- 60 mins. If you want you can use a pressure cooker to cook, that will take only 30 minutes.

Beef Curry

I still remember during my childhood days my Grandma used to prepare this special beef curry only for some sunday lunch. I used to rush to have this special lunch, since it was prepared in sunday’s only, but the demands always goes up. While I posting this recipe, I am remembering my teenage days, the very first time I tried this recipe with the help of my Grandma. So this recipe is a real treasure for me. My Grandma was the best cook I had ever seen.

Kerala Beef Curry

How to MakeĀ Nadan Pothu Erachi Curry- Kerala Traditional Beef Curry- My Grandma’s Recipe

Heat coconut oil in a clay pot, add mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds, allow it to splutter.


Add chopped onions, shallots, tomatoes and little salt, stir well. Cover the pot with a lid and cook it for 2 minutes or until tomatoes turn mushy.

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Add in crushed ginger, garlic, curry leavesand green chili, stir and saute well until raw smell goes on.


Add kashmiri chilly powder, coriander powder, pepper powder, garam masala powder and turmeric powder. Keep the flame on very low and stir well until the masala's raw smell disappears.

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Add the cleaned and drained beef pieces and vinegar, stir well, toss well to coat the beef pieces with the masala mix. Add little salt too.

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Add enough water to cook the beef, at this point if you want you can transfer the beef to a pressure cooker for fast cooking. ( 3 steam whistle is enough). I used this same clay pot to cook in a medium low flame for 45 minutes, by checking occassionally.


When it is almost done add fennel powder, curry leaves and combine well. Adjust salt.


Serve hot along with steamed rice and raita.


Enjoy!! Happy Cooking and Stay Healthy.

Kerala Traditional Beef Curry

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  1. Hey there! I tried this recipe after seeing the drool worthy pics . It turned out abs yummy. I subbed the ‘potherachi’ for reg beef n we loved it! Great post! Will try more of your recipes

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