Pineapple Orange Drink

Pineapple Punch- Pineapple orange drink- Pineapple Summer Cooler

Pineapple Punch- Pineapple orange drink, is simple fruit juicing recipe combines the goodness in single refreshingly tasty beverage. This is one of my favorite drink at restaurants, and they used carbonated/ soda water to make this drink. But today with little twist I made with 7up. If you can make a delicious drink, then why you depend a restaurant?  As long as you have a blender and the ingredients, you are good to go. So don’t wait around for the next day. Make these Pineapple orange summer cooler following this easy recipe and step by step making pictures.

Pineapple Punch- Pineapple Orange Drink

But the real benefit of this recipe is not only the taste but the healthy nutritional values that you can’t get from canned ones. The drink with lot of minerals, fibers and vitamins, making it most suitable beverage and a health drink for kids too.

 Tips- please avoid 7up and carbonated water for making a healthy drink, especially for kids. Use cold water or ice cubes. You can use honey or brown sugar for sweetness too.

Pineapple Punch- Summer Cooler Recipe

How to Make Pineapple Punch- Pineapple orange drink

In a blender add pineapple pieces, orange juice, sugar, salt, black pepper powder. Blend until smooth.

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Strain out in a glass jug and add 7up, combine well. Serve chilled with ice cubes.

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Enjoy!! Cheers!!

Pineapple Punch- Pineapple Orange Drink

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