Coffee Pudding- Steamed coffee Pudding

Coffee Pudding- Eggless Steamed Coffee Pudding- Pudding Recipes

Coffee Pudding- Eggless Steamed Coffee Pudding, it is a steamed no bake eggless coffee pudding. There are a class of dessert with coffee flavors. There are two main types, one is milk and coffee mixture is boiled along with gelatin or china grass, then chilled until set to a pudding and another is a steamed/ baked version, texturally similar to caramel custard pudding. This is a steamed one with a smooth, melt in the mouth, made with milk, condensed milk, coffee and chocolate powder. The detailed recipe and step by step pictures will guide you through the process of making a easy steamed pudding and hence does not need an oven.

Coffee Pudding Recipe

In this cooking process, the pudding is put into a steamer, which is a cooking utensil that consists of a vessel with a perforated bottom placed over one containing water. As the water boils, the steam rises and cooks the pudding in the upper or perforated vessel. This pudding recipe was handed down from my cousin sister. I have done some changes of my own. This dessert is perfect for entertaining your guest especially the kids. This is a delightful coffee flavored easy to prepare creamy pudding with very less ingredients.

Coffee Pudding

Tips- If you remove the pudding from mould when it is warm, you wont get a neat texture. You will have to refrigerate the pudding for 2 hours or more and then unmould it. I was in a hurry and I unmould it when it was warm, so the texture was soft gooey and taste yummy. While serving, if you want you can top the pudding with chocolate sauce. To test if the pudding is cooked, in the middle portion just skewer with a knife, if it will be wiped clean of any mixture then you can take it out.

Eggless Steamed Coffee Pudding

How to Make Coffee Pudding- Eggless Steamed Coffee Pudding- Pudding Recipes

In a bowl add custard powder, coffee powder, chocoa powder and sugar.

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Take a few tablespoons of milk and pour over the powders. Ensure that no lumps are formed and combine it well.

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In a sauce pan boil milk and pour condensed milk. Combine well. Allow it boil for few minutes.

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Maintain a medium low flame, then pour the coffee mixture and stirring continuously. Continue cooking and stir for another five minutes in low flame. Finally add vanilla essence and combine well.

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Grease the mould with butter and set aside.


Switch off the flame and pour it on a cooking mould, in which the pudding is going to be steamed.


Boil required amount of water in a steamer. Place the coffee pudding in it and steam for about 1 hour 10 minutes in a medium flame. Do not forget to cover the pudding mould with a lid or aluminium foil.

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Check whether pudding is ready or not by inserting a knife and if the knife comes out clean it is done.


Remove from steamer and allow it to cool and then carefully insert a plain knife around the eges to loosen it up. Cover the mould with a plate and invert the pudding on the plate. Garnish with chocolate balls and cherry.

Coffee Pudding- Pudding Recipe

Enjoy!! Happy cooking and stay healthy.

Coffee Pudding

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    1. ys dear …in oven you can bake this in water bath for 35-45 mins, depends on oven.. pls check after 30 mins, insert a toothpick in the middle and check, if the tooth pick comes out clean then it is done.

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