Kerala Appam Recipe- Palappam

Kerala Appam Recipe- Palappam- Kerala Style Soft Appam- Lazy Rice Hoppers

Kerala Appam – Palappam, is the most popular Kerala breakfast recipe, that are yummy and easy to make. In some parts of Kerala it is also known as lace appam too. Today I am going to post one of the best recipe for appam/ palappam, which is my grandma’s recipe. Many of my readers asked me for my grandma’s special Kerala palappam recipe. So I am sharing this for you people. Appam is usually served with a range of side dishes like vegetable stew, chicken stew or egg curries. If you want you can also serve it with  spicy chicken curries. The detailed recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows.

Kerala Appam- Palappam

While making this authentic recipe, I cherish all those memories as a child with my grand parents and parents, great food always and the best support. Appam/ rice hoppers are made with fermented rice batter, coconut and yeast. These hoppers have a crispy side with a airy soft in touch and really fluffy center. Appam soft in center and its border is light paper thin crispy with golden brown lace. In traditional authentic recipes toddy/ kallu is used as fermenting agent. Since we do not consume toddy I replaced it with the instant yeast. Appam is really popular in south India and Srilanka. If you found this recipe useful, kindly put your valuable comments and share it with others too. I strongly recommend soaking the rice at 2pm, so that you can grind the rice to a batter at 8 pm or 9 pm. Then leave the batter outside and at morning you can make palappam.( If you leaves the batter outside too long, the batter will turn too sour. ) So keep it in refrigerator after use.

Kerala Appam- Kerala Style Rice Hoppers

Tips- Pachari/ raw rice is the rice commonly used to make appam batter. If you want you can use idly rice too. Appam is made in appam chatti/ appam pan, then only u will get the authentic shape. If you don’t have one use a flat non- stick pan. I have used tender coconut flesh and tender coconut water to make this batter. You can also use fresh grated coconut and coconut water too. I have used instant yeast and soaked in tender coconut water 1 hour before grinding the rice.

Kerala Appam Recipe

How to Make Kerala Appam Recipe- Palappam- Kerala Style Soft Appam- Lazy Rice Hoppers

Soak the rice for more than 5 hours, Wash and clean the rice after soaking. Drain out in a colander and set aside.


Soak yeast in tender coconut water along with sugar for 5 hours, so it will give a toddy effect and appam will be so soft and airy.


Put the drained rice into the blender along with tender coconut flesh, cooked rice and tender coconut water. Water should just cover the ingredients to grind to a smooth batter.

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Pour into a tall steel container or glass bowl and keep covered and rest in room temperature for more than 6 hours, over night is best. After that refrigerate until you need it.


Next day batter will rise to double, before making the appam, add salt to taste and combine well. If the batter is too thick add water to the right consistency, if you add coconut milk then the appam will be more tasty. After fermentation keep the batter in refrigerator for further use too, let it come to room temperature before making.


Appam batter should be flowing consistency, neither too thick nor too thin. Place a appam chatti/ appam pan over heat. If it is iron appam chatti, grease it with oil, mine was non stick one. So I didn't grease my pan. When the pan is hot, Simmer the flame to medium and pour a generous ladle full of batter and immediately turn and tilt the pan in circle so that the batter will spreads in circle.


Cover the pan with a lid and cook until the appam is cooked through and spongy middle and crisper sides. There is no need to flip them. Maintain a medium to low heat all times. 


Cook all the appam like this and serve hot  along with vegetable stew or chicken stew.

Appam Recipe - Kerala Style Appam

Enjoy!! Happy Cooking and stay healthy.

Kerala Style Appam Recipe

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  1. I love appams but never got it the above receipe u said add coconut water along with rice and tender que is it the same coconut water which was used to soak the yeast in it? So we grind the yeast along with other ingredients.pls clarify.thank u.

    1. K dear… ys u hve to pour the same tender coconut water, in which the yeast was soaked before. Ys so have to grind the yeast mixture along with the rice…Appreciate your query… always welcome…Once try it out ..pls post ur valuable feedback …

  2. I use grated coconut and coconut water, also you can make very good appam without adding cooked rice. just add 1 tbsp of sugar to the yeast and let it rise. my ratio is 11/2 cups raw rice soaked for 4hrs and 3/4 cup grated coconut.
    I like your tip of soaking yeast in coconut water and sugar for 5 hrs. I’m going to try this next time. Thanks for sharing your recipe.

    1. Thank u so much dear… I used to make that way also, but this is my amma’s recipe for perfect and tasty appam. This recipe is really very special for me

  3. I have been making appams for years, sometimes the lace around would come crispy and some time No. I never knew the yeast should be kept for 5 coconut water and also the batter should be k pt for so many hrs. I will try this as the crispy lace is the important part in appams.

  4. Omg. This looks so… inviting to make it myself! I’m so glad to find your blog, Swapna, because of all the beautiful dishes you presented, so I’m off to explore… will surely read and cook by your advice! Greetings from Croatia! 😀

  5. Urgent…..
    pl help me here- you said instant yeast- Is it bakers fresh yeast or dry instant yeast?
    my doubt-If it is instant dry yeast, then isnt 1 1/2 tsp way too much?
    i prefer using dry instant yeast, so how much should I use? thnks in advance!

  6. sorry, mine is rapid rise dry yeast– worried it will overflow if i keep it for
    5 hrs-so, how do i procced. pl reply, thnks

  7. I am preparing the batter for appam. I love your step by step photo instructions. I made potatoe and egg curry yesterday from your recipe. My family loved to. I have left overs to go with appam that I will make tonight .

  8. I love your step by step photo instructions. I made your potatoe and egg curry. My family loved it. Have left overs. So I made batter for appam following your instructions. Can’t wait to make it tonight

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