Mani Puttu Recipe and Egg Stew Recipe

Mani Puttu- Steamed Noodles Puttu Recipe and Egg Stew Recipe- Kerala Style Easy Breakfast

Puttu or steamed rice cake layered with coconut is a authentic breakfast dish in Kerala. There are variety of side dish combination for puttu. Unlike puttu, making mani puttu is a tedious process. It is made with rice flour only and the preparation is quite different and interesting. Mani puttu is prepared using idiyappam maker/ seva nazhi with the large holed disc in the mould. It resembles to noodles, so you could even call it as noodles puttu.  It is made using a puttu maker, hence it look like a puttu in shape. The detailed recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows.

Mani Puttu and Egg Stew- Kerala Style Breakfast

My hubby is a big fan of mani puttu. He has been carving for mani puttu some time now. So after a too long time, yesterday I made mani puttu for him. This puttu is usually served with any mild curry using coconut milk or with ghee and sugar. This puttu is really easy to make and can be served as a nalumani palaharam/ four clock snack too along with tea or coffee. I have served mani puttu along with Kerala style egg stew, trust me it was really yummy and lip smacking breakfast. This egg stew reminds me of my childhood days, it has just been recreated from my childhood memories.

Mani Puttu Recipe

Tips- Use fresh grated coconut to layer the puttu. Use boiling water to knead dough, combine the flour and water with a heavy wooden spoon. When the dough is still warm, knead with your hands till it is incorporated well. I like to make egg stew with just eggs and potatoes, If you like you can add all veggies like carrot and beans too. For stew I recommend fresh coconut milk for traditional taste of the recipe.

Mani puttu Recipe- Kerala Style Breakfast Recipe

How to Make Mani Puttu- Steamed Noodles Puttu Recipe and Egg Stew Recipe- Kerala Style Easy Breakfast

Mix the rice flour and salt well. Pour the boiled water little by little and mix well using a spoon. Keep it aside for 10 minutes to cool down.


Meanwhile, you can prepare egg stew, heat a pan with coconut oil, add mustard seeds, once splutter add curry leaves and combine well. Now add ginger and saute until raw smell goes on.


Add onion and little salt, saute until onion turns soft and translucent. Now add green chilies and combine well.


Add pepper powder and garam masala powder, combine well and saute until raw smell diminishes.

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Add mashed potatoes and combine well. Add thin coconut milk and boil for 5 minutes. Once gravy turns slightly thicker add thick coconut milk and combine well.

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Add boiled sliced eggs and off the flame. Close the pan with a lid and set aside.

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After cooling knead well with your hand into a smooth dough and add 1 tbsp oil, combine well. Set aside.


Keep idiyappam maker ready with large holed disc in it. Place a handful of dough into the idiyappam maker, close with the lid.


Sprinkle little flour on the plate and start rotating the maker, so that the dough will fall on the plate like noodles. Sprinkle little more rice flour over the noodles, so that they wont stick together. Repeat the process with the rest of the dough too.

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In a puttu maker ( I have used a cylinder shaped puttu maker) layer the puttukutti first with 1 tbsp grated coconut and puttu and again grated coconut followed by puttu.

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Repeat the same process until the putti kutti is filled. Put the lid over the puttukutti.


The puttu maker has two parts, puttu kudam/ pot in which water is boiled and puttu kutti/ cylinder steamer kept over the pot and allow it to steam for 10 minutes.


Switch off the flame and remove the puttukutti from the top. Then gently push the maniputtu using a laddle. Serve hot along with egg stew.


Enjoy!! Happy cooking and stay healthy.

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