Quail Egg Biryani-  Nadan Mutta Biryani Recipe

Quail Egg Biryani- Kada Mutta Biriyani- Nadan Mutta Biryani Amma’s Style

Nadan Kada mutta Biryani is a traditional and easy biryani recipe of my Amma. I had tried out this yummy biryani few days back and came out real yummy close to my Amma’s egg biryani. I usually make this when some unexpected guest drops in as this can be prepared within no time. This egg biryani is a great treat for egg lovers. The special highlight of this biryani is using of thin coconut milk instead of water to cook the rice. Though I am not very fond of egg dishes, but my hubby and kids love eggs and I love to make it for them. This biryani can be prepared in a pot or casserole or pressure cooker too. The detailed recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows.

Quail Egg Biryani

This one I am sharing today is not a dum biryani, but tastes great with good flavors. I have already posted one egg biryani recipe few months back, you can check that recipe in biryani recipe album. Quail eggs are a remedy against digestive tract disorders such as gastritis, stomach ulcer and duodental ulcer. Help in the treatment of tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, diabetes and vegetative-vascular dystonia. Have strong anticancer effects and may help inhibit cancerous growth. Quail egg promote good memory, enhance brain activity and regulate the nervous system.

Quail Egg Biryani- Kada mutta Biryani

Tips- For the best result, used fresh spices and home made garam powder is used. But you can use the best quality shop bought ready made biryani masala powder too. Using of thin coconut milk will enhance the taste of the recipe. You can skip coconut milk and add water instead for cooking rice. Measure coconut milk in the same cup used for measuring rice. This is a spicy version biryani, you can adjust spice level according to your taste. If u like the lemon flavor, squeeze lemon juice once the biryani is done.

Quail Egg Biryani- Kada Mutta Recipe

How to Make Quail Egg Biryani- Kada Mutta Biriyani- Nadan Mutta Biryani Amma’s Style

Soak basmati rice in water for 30 minutes, wash well and drain out in a colander and set aside. Boil eggs, shell them and wash well. Set aside. Heat a pan with ghee.


Add star anise, bay leaf, fennel seeds, cardamoms, cloves and cinnamon stick. Saute until a aroma arrives.


When they begin to sizzle, add onions and green chilies. Fry until onions are slightly golden.


Add ginger and garlic paste, fry until the raw smell fully goes away.

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Add tomato puree and saute well until the raw smell diminishes.

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Then add in finally chopped mint leaves and combine well.


Add turmeric powder, kashmiri red chilly powder, black pepper powder, chicken stock cubes and garam masala powder. Mix and saute in a medium low flame for a couple of minutes.


Add the hard boiled eggs. Mix well and cook until the mixture thicken and begins to leave the sides of the pan.

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Add soaked rice and combine well. Saute for a couple of minutes.

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Add thin coconut milk and adjust salt. Allow it to boil well, remind that chicken stock cubes contain salt, so add salt after checking only. The water should be bit salty, then only the rice will taste good.

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Add lemon juice and cover the pan with a lid, cook on a low flame.

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Check in between and cook till the most of the moisture is been absorbed in the rice. Off the flame, let it sit for 5-10 mins covered and serve along with salads.

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Enjoy!! Happy cooking and stay healthy.

Quail Egg Biryani

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