Fruit Custard Recipe

Fruit Custard Recipe- Ice Cream fruit Custard- Fruits Salad

Fruit Custard is a very delicious dessert which can be made in just 25 minutes. Sometimes the fruit custard was served plain and sometimes with ice creams or with fruit jelly. It is made with milk as well as almond milk. Today I have shown the method of making with milk. Fruit custard is also known as fruit salad, rich in vitamins and minerals. Really refreshing and cooling, a perfect dessert for hot summer days. This dessert is filled with ice cream, fruits and custard. This fruit custard has a wonderful taste and perfect to serve at any occasion. The detailed recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows.

Fruit Custard- Icecream Fruit Custard Recipe

In this recipe you are free to use as many types of fruits as you like as it will not spoil its taste. If you want you can add dry fruits as its topping to give it even more richer and tastier,  like dates, kismis etc. This recipe only uses fresh fruits and icecream as topping. When chopped fresh fruits are mixed with custard milk, a delicious fruit salad is born. One of my favourite summer dessert is this fruit custard. Technically not a dessert in itself, but it certainly turns, into a spectacular one when paired with ice cream.

Fruit Custard Recipe- Icecream Fruit Custard

Tips- The recipe can be doubled or tripled. Use any fruits of your choice. Adjust sweetness according to your taste. For better taste use ripe mangoes, apple, banana, grapes and pear.

Ingredients Measuring Cup used, 1 cup= 250 ml

Fruit Custard

How to Make Fruit Custard Recipe- Ice Cream fruit Custard- Fruits Salad

In a sauce pan, heat the milk in low heat.


In a bowl add two tbsp custard powder and pour 3.5 tbsp warm milk and stir well to make a smooth paste without any lumps.

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When the milk has come to gentle heat, add sugar and combine well. Remember to maintain a low flame and pour the custard paste little by little over the milk and stir continuously.


Mix well without forming any lumps and cook in medium flame for 6-7 minutes. The milk mixture will start to thicken, when the custard is ready off the flame and allow it to cool in room temperature. When the custard cools, it will thicken more. Keep in refrigerator to chill it before mixing with fruits.


Once the custard has cooled, add the mixed fruits. Combine well and keep in refrigerator until served. Serve it chilled along with ice cream.

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Enjoy!! stay healthy.

Fruit Custard- Icecream Fruit Custard Recipe

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