Moru Kachiyathu- Traditional Kerala Style moru Curry

Nadan Moru Kachiyathu- Traditional Kerala Moru Curry- Seasoned Buttermilk

Nadan moru kachiyathu is yet another simple dish, an integral part of onam sadya. It is a common curry in every malayalee household, the main ingredients are butter milk with Indian spices like ginger, green chilies, garlic, shallots and curry leaves. My  hubby’s favorite dish, he simply loves this curry made out of sour curd without coconut paste and vegetables. But this can be made with vegetables like colocassia/ chembu, plantain, cucumber, winter melon etc. The detailed recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows.

Moru Kachiyathu

Yet another Amma’s signature dish straight from Kerala. Today I am posting a very easy version which can made in just 10 minutes. She used to prepare many variations of using coconut paste and vegetables like vellarika, chena, chembu, kaya, pappaya etc. A finger licking good traditional curry from Kerala cuisine.

Moru Curry

Tips- After 1 day, you might have to keep in refrigerator to prevent from getting too sour, make it warm before serving. Try to use Indian curd, instead of yougurt while preparing this curry. Moru kachiyathu or seasoned butter milk can be kept for a long time and it tastes better with time. Use the buttermilk which is maintained at room temperature, else there are high chance of curdling. Adjust a low flame and should stirring it continuously to prevent curdling of the buttermilk. Here I have used kanthari mulaku/ birds eye chilies, if you can substitute it with green chilies too.

Seasoned Buttermilk

How to Make Nadan Moru Kachiyathu- Traditional Kerala Moru Curry- Seasoned Buttermilk

Heat oil in a clay pot, add mustard seeds and allow it to splutter.


Add shallots, ginger, garlic, birds eye chilies and curry leaves. Saute for a couple of seconds and add dry red chilies.


Stir and saute until shallots turns slightly brown.


Add turmeric powder and fenugreek powder, combine well. Saute until raw smell goes on, maintain a low flame.


Add butter milk and salt, keep it on medium low heat with continuous stirring till the mix foams up and rises again. Do not allow it to boil.


Serve along with steamed rice.


Enjoy!! Happy cooking and stay healthy.

Moru Kachiyathu

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