Semiya Payasam or Vermicelli Kheer Recipe- Kerala Sadya Vermicelli Payasam

Semiya payasam is one of the most simple and delicious payasam that one can prepare in no time. Any Kerala sadya is incomplete without at least one payasam, after a huge meal. In Kerala most of the sadya like onam, vishu or hindu marriage sadya would have 2-3 payasams, one of which is semiya or palada. It is one of my kids favorite payasam. It is creamy, delicious and also very easy to prepare. Whether it is a festive occasion or a normal day, you can just prepare payasam following this easy recipe with step by step cooking pictures. If you found my recipe useful, do try and share with your friends and family, please don’t forget to post your valuable feedback in comment section below.


To make semiya payasam, roasted semiya is cooked in milk and then sweetened with sugar and condensed milk. Trdaitionally it was prepared using fresh milk and not condensed milk. Semiya payasam is made in all regions of India with minor changes in the recipe. It is a very simple recipe, but uses condensed milk and sugar accordingly. My kids like payasam very sweet, so I added some extra sugar as well. Condensed milk becomes thicker as it sits, but it makes the payasam creamier and rich in taste.


Tips- To make the payasm more tastier and creamy, I added condensed milk also. We like payasam real sweet so added an extra 1/2 cup sugar too. You could do a taste test before serving and add sugar accordingly. After adding nuts and kismis, cook the payasam for 5 more minutes that makes the nuts soft and delicious. I like some crunch in the nuts too, so added some while cooking and the other half as garnish. As it cools, the payasam will become thick, you can add hot milk to adjust the consistency before serving.


How to Make Semiya Payasam or Vermicelli Kheer Recipe- Kerala Sadya Vermicelli Payasam

Boil the milk and set aside for later use.


Heat the ghee in a traditional payasam uruli or non stick pan.


Fry rasins and cashews until golden brown in color. Remove and set aside for later use.

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I have taken roasted vermicelli so I have added the vermicelli in ghee and saute for a minute in low flame ( if it is not a roasted one, roast the vermicelli in the remaining ghee until it turns to slightly golden color.


Now add half of the boiling milk and stir well and let it come to boil. Cook it uncovered until vermicelli are half cooked, keep stirring at regular intervals, so that no lumps are formed.


Add remaining milk and sugar. Cover and cook for 3-4 minutes or semiya is cooked in a medium flame.


Mix in the condensed milk and stir well.


Add cardamom powder and combine well.


Add roasted cashew nuts and rasins. Boil for 2 more minutes in low flame. Garnish with more cashews and rasins. Serve hot or cold.

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Enjoy!! Happy Cooking and stay healthy.


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