Indian Style Cappuccino- Hand Beaten Coffee- Creamy Frothy Coffee, Cafe Coffee Day Style

Now most folks know how to make a coffee, here in this post, I am sharing the way I make coffee for my hubby and kids. Which gives you a nice coffee flavored creamy frothy layer on top, much like a coffee you get in cafe outlets like cafe coffee day. A foamy, frothy and creamy hand beaten coffee is the kind you want to sip on cold mornings and rainy afternoons. It is a very simple method of making cappuccino style coffee at home and requires no special machines and coffee mixes. All you need is some strength in your hand to beat the coffee for a few minutes. The detailed recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows, do try and post your valuable feedback in comment section below.


I love my morning with regular cup of coffee, and it should be mild, frothy, milky, sweet and simply delicious. I would have to say the best cappuccino I have had in India was at cafe coffee day. Each time I have been to cafe coffee day my love towards coffee is increasing. It is actually very simple method of making cappuccino style coffee at home. It involves incorporating air into a paste of coffee and sugar till thick and frothy, by beating the mix with a spoon. This method of beating the coffee and sugar is what gives the coffee the name beaten coffee. On adding of milk, this coffee paste dissolves and the air is released creating a delicious froth of top of the coffee.


Tips- For making cappuccino for more than 1 cup, prepare the coffee sugar paste in a steel bowl. Then divide the paste equally into each coffee mug and pour hot milk, stir and serve hot.  I have used chocolate sauce to garnish the coffee, you can use cocoa powder or even coffee powder too, as your preference. I strongly recommend using a good coffee, I am a big fan of Nescafe gold. It has a beautiful aroma and very natural taste. Although any kind of instant coffee will do.


How to Make Indian Style Cappuccino- Hand Beaten Coffee- Creamy Frothy Coffee, Cafe Coffee Day Style

In a steel bowl add instant coffee and sugar, mix well. ( Do not use a glass bowl, please feel free to use a stainless steel bowl and spoon)

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Start by adding a splash of warm water, about 1 teaspoon. Mix everything around.


Start beating the mixture in one direction only, repeat beating one direction to incorporate as much as you can. Do not stop beating till it turns pale brown in color.


Keep adding 1 more teaspoon water and beat well until most of the sugar is dissolved. The mixture should be thicker, fluffy and creamy.

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Boil milk until hot and set aside.


Take a spoon and a half of the creamy mixture in the coffee mug.


Pour hot milk in a thin stream into the coffee mug and stir well with a spoon.


Garnish with chocolate sauce and serve hot.


Enjoy!! Happy cooking and stay healthy.


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