Spicy Mushroom Spaghetti- Pasta recipe with mushrooms

This is a meatless and deliciously light tasting mushroom pasta recipe. Spaghetti tossed with garlic, chili flakes, tomato puree, pepper and mushrooms make a great meal that will please all the members of your family, especially kids. It is a quick easy meal when you are rushed and want some comfort food. This is one of those dishes that I end up making sometimes on fancy and the results are too good. It’s a perfect dinner for warm days when you don’t want to take a lot of time to cook and heat up the kitchen. The detailed recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows.


This dish uses very simple ingredients like mushrooms, garlic, butter, tomato puree, chili flakes and crushed peppers. I have used here fresh mushrooms, if you want you can use canned mushrooms too. I love to cook easy one dish meals like this on week days when I don’t have too much time to prepare dinner. I am not a great mushroom lover, but when I just toss them along with garlic, butter, chili flakes and black peppers I can have the whole bowl. That butter and garlic along with chili flakes is a deadly combination to mushroom.


Tips- I used spaghetti but you can use any kind of pasta you wish. And you can always use any kind of mushrooms for this recipe. You can add grated cheese also, that gives extra flavor. Add chili flakes and black pepper accordingly, this particular recipe will give u a spicy pasta. Cook the spaghetti in a large saucepan of salted boiling water. Do according to package directions.


How to Make Spicy Mushroom Spaghetti- Pasta recipe with mushrooms

I have used wheat semolina spaghetti, you can use any kind of pasta.


Fill a pot with water along with salt. Place it on stove on high heat and bring to boil.


Carefully place the spaghetti into the boiling water, if you want you can break the spaghetti in half. Bring the water back to the boil and reduce the heat to medium.


It takes around 10- 12 minutes, depending on the type of pasta and package directions. Spaghetti should be soft, but not mushy. test a strand of pasta to make sure it is finished before turning off the stove.

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Drain the spaghetti in the sink using a colander or large strainer. Rub the spaghetti with olive oil and set aside.


Heat butter in a sauce pan, allow it to melt.


Add mushrooms, red chili flakes and crushed black pepper. Saute until cooked completely, drain out and set aside.

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On the same pan, add garlic and saute until nice aroma arrives.


Pour the tomato puree and salt, combine well and saute for few minutes.

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Add cooked mushrooms and pasta mix. Combine well.

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Add the cooked spaghetti and toss well. If the pasta looks dry add in bit more butter and saute well. Serve hot.

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Enjoy!! Happy cooking and stay healthy.


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