Pan Fried Tiger Prawns Recipe- Kerala Special Tiger Prawns Fry

Kerala Special Tiger Prawns Fry is a great tasting and attractive dish. In this particular recipe prawns is fried with all the shell, head and legs adding a wonderful crispy texture to the finished dish. You could trim off the legs if you like. The salt, pepper, bird eye chilies and other spices works well with this recipe. Tiger prawns have a mild seafood flavor that will absorbs all the spices. Tiger prawns can do well with variety of flavors and could be cooked in many methods including frying, roasting, stir fry, grilling, steaming etc. Prawns can be cooked easily, if they are over- cooked that causes the meat to be tough and hard. The detailed recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows.


This pan- fried tiger prawns recipe is probably one of the easiest but remarkably delicious recipes for sea water and fresh water prawns. Of course you can try this recipe with regular prawn too. They taste as good. But I am partial to tiger prawns because they are such beauty. Always I like grilled or pan fried prawns instead of deep frying them. I had served this as a starter along with fish fingers. The aroma and color of the dish makes it absolutely stunning and tastes great and is sure to vanish in minutes.


Tips-  Do not fry the prawns too long, otherwise it becomes too hard. Instead of birds eye chilies/ kanthari mulaku, you can even use green chilies or green pepper corns. Fish or another seafood like squid, lobster and mussels can be cooked in this same method. Using of coconut oil and curry leaves enhance the taste and flavor of the dish.


How to Make Pan Fried Tiger Prawns Recipe- Kerala Special Tiger Prawns Fry

Using kitchen scissors or knife, slit the tiger prawns open along the back, taking care to leave the shell attached. Remove the black intestinal vein and the open prawns out flat to butterfly them, wash them in running water well. Pat the prawns dry on kitchen towel to get rid of excess moisture.

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To a mixer, add turmeric powder, pepper powder, kashmiri red chilly powder, ginger, garlic, birds eye chilies, salt and lemon juice. Grind to a smooth paste and set aside.

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Apply this masala paste evenly over the exposed flesh of the opened prawns.


Add chopped curry leaves, combine well and let the marination rest for 20 minutes.


Heat a non stick pan with oil and place the prawns on it, flesh side down. Cook the prawns for 5- 10 minutes over a medium heat until lightly coloured. Flip when one side is cooked, let the other side cook for a while too. Serve as a appetizer or side dish.


Enjoy!! Happy cooking and stay healthy.


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