Scrambled Egg & Cheese Sandwich- Easy Healthy Cheese Sandwich on Pan

A pan grilled cheese and egg sandwich should be crispy and toasted on the outer part and soft, gooey with scrambled eggs, cheese in the middle. This sandwich is always good and healthy, really are some of the best breakfast stuff on earth. But it is also one of the simplest, easiest and ever quicker meals. I had few of my readers asked me to share few easy and healthy sandwich recipes. So today I am sharing this easy recipe with you all. Once you have bread, eggs and cheese this sandwich will ready in no time. One of the easy and nutritious breakfast recipe that kids and toddlers will love. The detailed recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows.


To make this sandwich, if you like you can add cooked meat, vegetables, egg omelets etc. If you want you can add grated cheese also along with slice cheese. I had melted my butter in the pan, rather than spreading it directly on to the bread. I keep my butter in the fridge and it trends to tear the slices of bread I try to spread it on right way, otherwise waiting requires to soften the butter. I find it just as easy, and just as effective, to melt the butter in the pan and grill each piece of bread in the melted butter until golden brown color and before assembling the sandwich.


Tips-  Also you can replace butter with olive oil. If you want along with eggs you can add some sliced onions and green chilies for extra hot. I have used here whole wheat bread, you can also use normal daily bread.


How to Make Scrambled Egg & Cheese Sandwich- Easy Healthy Cheese Sandwich on Pan

Heat a pan with 1 tbsp butter, scramble the eggs along with red chili flakes and pepper powder.


Break the eggs into small pieces, don't let it overcook. When the egg have moisture it self take out off the heat.


On the same pan, add remaining butter and place the bread slices.


Toast until golden on one side of the both slices. Flip it once it is done and toast slightly for a couple of seconds.


Place scrambled egg on two bread slices.


Place a cheese slice and sprinkle remaining red chili flakes and pepper powder.

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Place the heated side of the bread slice over the cheese, as shown on the below picture.


Flip and toast on both sides on a low heat over a couple of minutes, so that the cheese will melts off. Take care not to burn them and halve the sandwich, serve hot along with vegetable salads and tea.


Enjoy!! Happy cooking and stay healthy.


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