Chicken Mayonnaise Sandwich- Kid Friendly Mayo Chicken Sandwich Recipe

If your kids are more particular eaters, you can always leave out any of the good chicken sandwich that everyone is sure to love, especially this mayo chicken sandwich. Whether packed in a lunchbox or served as a quick lunch or dinner, these will give them a kid approved twist. Try this sandwich as a yummy addition to any kid’s lunch box. It is a healthy, instant lunch box, snack box recipe for both kids and adults. Chicken Mayonnaise Sandwich with detailed recipe and step by step cooking pictures follows.


I do this sandwich quite frequently and even my hubby and kids loves this sandwich option, as it contains chicken plus there favourite mayonnaise. More seriously, this sandwich is so delicious, creamy and rich that it doesn’t require any extra dip along with it. Optionally, I have add a slice of cheese to make it more cheesy and tasty. I try to use cheese sometimes in sandwich to make it different from the usual one. This sandwich can be made with any normal bread, here I have used whole wheat bread, but this equally taste with normal bread or sandwich bread too.


Tips- To make it little more spicy, add some more finely chopped green chili and pepper powder, you might have to be careful while serving to kids. Addition of cheese slice, will enhance the taste of the sandwich. Instead of whole wheat bread you may use any kind of sandwich bread. While assembling the sandwich you may use tomato slices, cucumber slices if you like. If you like serve this along with tomato ketchup or with hot and sweet tomato sauce.


How to Make Chicken Mayonnaise Sandwich- Kid Friendly Mayo Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Add half portion of butter to a frying pan and saute garlic and green chilies until slightly brown.

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Add your chopped chicken pieces and saute until chicken is completely cooked. Do not add water, chicken will cook by its own water content.


Add pepper powder and salt. Stir it well.


Add minced onions and saute for a couple of seconds, off the flame.

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Transfer it to bowl and allow it to cool.


Add mayonnaise and mix well and set aside.

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Heat the same pan and add remaining butter.


Toast the one side of the bread slices until slightly golden.


Spread the mayo chicken mixture to one piece of the bread slice.


Place cheese slice on top and place the golden side of the other bread slice over the cheese.


Flip carefully and toast on both sides on a medium heat until the cheese melts off.  Take care not to burn and halve the mayo chicken sandwich and serve hot or warm.


Enjoy!! Happy cooking and stay healthy.


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  1. Lovely collection of chicken recipes. My son loves chicken and ur recipes will really help me a lot. Will surely try them. Thanks a lot

    1. Ys u can… While toasting.. do not toast too much..
      U can add more mayo too.. that keep the sandwich moist …

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