Koonthal- Kanava Biryani- Swadcuisine Special Masala Squid Dum Biryani- Kerala Style Squid Biriyani

Hi Foodies…. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL…..A very tasty, yummy seafood biriyani, with a very tempting aroma. Kanava is one of my favourite seafood. This time I thought of sharing with you a yummy preparation of seafood biryani with koonthal/ squid. This is a very simple and easy recipe to make anytime. Biryani is a main course dish served in many parts of India. It is the most popular one in social gatherings and feasting. There are different kinds of biryani, both vegetarian and non vegetarian to seafood verities. Onion raitha and pickle can be used as a good accompaniment. The detailed recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows.


This biriyani is like eating beautiful food from the comfort of your couch, and frankly, a day in doesn’t get much better than that. I have plenty of my family recipes to make a day something to celebrate. Ever since my aunt handed over this recipe to me, this has been a regular visitor on our dinning table, this dish is very much enjoyed by my hubby and kids and we simply love it. This recipe won’t keep you in kitchen too long. I prepare this biryani a couple of times, the recipe is perfect and has never failed me. Once the dum is opened the kitchen will smells fragrant, rich with the reassuring aroma of squid, ghee and homemade masalas.


Tips- Use best quality aged basmati rice, fresh squid/ koonthal. Do not over cook the squid as it turns rubbery. Preparation of masala paste with green peppercorns is very important, If you don’t have green peppercorns substitute it with black peppercorns.


How to Make Koonthal- Kanava Biryani- Swadcuisine Special Masala Squid Dum Biryani- Kerala Style Squid Biriyani

Wash and clean the squid, cut into ring pieces. Drain out completely and set aside.


Combine squid with salt, garam masala powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder and salt. Stir to coat evenly and set aside for 15 minutes.

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In a blender grind shallots, ginger, garlic and green peppercorns to a smooth paste. Set aside for later use. 

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Heat a pan with half of the ghee, add whole spices like cardamom, cloves, star anise and cinnamon stick. Saute until nice aroma arrives.


Add 2 tbsp sliced onions and saute until onions turn soft and translucent. 

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Add 3 cups water, a pinch of turmeric powder and salt. Let the water turns to rolling boil.

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Add washed and soaked rice. ( soak rice for 15 mins) Then add lemon juice too.

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Keep the flame on low and cover the pot with a lid, cook until the water completely evaporates. Then the rice is 70 percent done, keep it aside for dum process. 


Heat a deep bottom biriyani pot and add remaining ghee. Fry onions, cashew nuts, rasins until golden brown. Remove from pot and set aside for later use. 

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On the same pan add marinated squid and curry leaves. Cook for 5 minutes in medium flame, remove from pot and set aside for later use.

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Pour oil on the same pot and saute onions until soft.


Add ground masala paste and saute until raw smell goes on completely. 

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Add green chilies, chopped tomatoes and little salt, combine well and cover the pot with a lid. Cook until tomatoes turn soft and mushy. 

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Add half cooked squid and combine well.

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Add yogurt and biriyani masala powder. Adjust salt and combine well.

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Add chopped coriander leaves and half portion of fried ingredients like onions, cashew nut and rasins. 

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Add cooked rice and followed by remaining fried ingredients.

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Close the pot with an air tight lid and keep the flame on low. Wait for 15- 20 minutes to open. Off the flame allow it rest for 10 more minutes. Serve along with raitha and pickle. 


Enjoy!! Happy New Year!! Happy Cooking and stay healthy.


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  1. It’s better to cook squid separately,means more than 5 mins or until the squid get cooked . And then continue the process.

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