Neimeen Puliyum mulakum Curry- Amma’s Style Spicy, simple and Delicious King Fish Curry

There are different methods for neimeen/ king fish preparation like with and without coconut, it vary from region to region. Puliyum mulakum curry is one of the traditional preparation in my family, and it is one of the most tastiest method too. It is prepared using tamarind juice and with hot red chilly powder. For this preparation we won’t use kokum/gambooge/ kudampuli. This is very simple and traditional fish curry with neimeen, you can make this curry with any fish of your choice. The detailed recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows.


Puliyum mulakum refers to the gravy which has red chilly powder and tamarind juice as the main ingredient. This curry is an absolute comfort food goes along with kappa puzhukku/ boiled mashed tapioca or with steamed rice. It is hot, spicy and tangy I am sure you will lick your fingers again and again!


Tips- Do not add too much water to make the gravy, add water to the fish level. Add about one teaspoon of raw coconut oil and few fresh curry leaves at the final stage and leave the curry for few hours after covering it with lid. Use only tamarind for this curry, do not use kudampuli/kokum. Masala should be sauted nicely in low heat, that is the main base of the curry or else your curry will taste raw. This curry taste more good the next day.


How to Make Neimeen Puliyum mulakum Curry- Amma’s Style Spicy, simple and Delicious King Fish Curry

In a clay pot heat oil and crackle mustard seeds in it.


Now add the shallots and saute for few minutes along with ginger and garlic.


Add green chilies and curry leaves, saute until shallots are golden brown in color.

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Keep the flame on low and add in red chilly powder, kashmiri chilly powder, coriander powder, fenugreek powder and turmeric powder. 

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Add tamarind juice, required amount of water and salt let it boil for few minutes. 

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Add washed and cleaned fish pieces and cook in medium flame until fish is done. 

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Add curry leaves and drizzle one tsp coconut oil on top. Off the flame and close the clay pot with a lid, let it rest for few hours before serving. Serve along with rice and kappa puzhukku.


Enjoy!! Happy cooking and stay healthy. 


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  1. Hi,
    It looks very tasty delicious.please tell me which tamarind you used in the the Kerala Kodum puli..or Tamil Nadu puli…and kodum puli can be soaked in water and the juice extracted??

  2. Hello Swapna,
    I live in the US and I really enjoy your blog. I am yet to see recipes that are so authentic, it never fails. Every time I make chicken or fish I scroll through your blog, make something and it’s always delicious. Thank you so much and keep up the good work!

  3. Thank you so much for such a detailed explanation. The pictures are an added bonus. God bless you and regards to Amma.

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