Orange Loaf Cake Recipe- Easy Orange Cake with Step by Step Pictures

One of the most popular offerings is this rich and moist orange loaf, made by using fresh, natural ingredients that include fresh orange juice with orange tang. Surprise your family or friends by baking this orange loaf, a perfect treat for a tea break and absolutely delicious. This orange cake is cooked in a loaf tin to achieve the classic loaf shape. Orange loaf cake is simple to make and an easy family favourite, a cake that is hard to get wrong. The detailed recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows.


Since the star of this recipe is orange, get a fresh orange that has vibrant color and smells like fresh orange, if the orange tasted bad, believe me, you will taste it in the cake. I love this cake because of its simple elegance, and the intense orange flavor that comes from the cake. This is a simple cake that’s great for beginners to try. The recipe is very basic without having to worry about spending hours in the kitchen or struggling with different techniques because it doesn’t need frosting.


Tips- For a lemon- flavoured cake, just use a lemon instead of the orange. Here I am not doing any frosting, but if you’d like to frost it with cream or simply drizzle with any syrup, you are free to do so.


How to Make Orange Loaf Cake Recipe- Easy Orange Cake with Step by Step Pictures

Preheat the oven to 180 C for 15 minutes.


Dissolve orange tang along with orange juice and set aside.


Take a large bowl and add butter and sugar. Beat butter and sugar with an electric hand mixer. 

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Slowly add the eggs to the butter- sugar mixture. Beat well after every addition.

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Add orange juice mixture and vanilla essence, beat it well for 20 seconds.


Combine flour, salt, baking powder and baking soda together. Sieve and add along with the butter mixture. Mix on lowest speed and scrape down the sides. 

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Add milk and mix well in lowest speed until well combined.

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Grease the pan with butter and set aside.

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Pour the batter in the greased tin and knock it to the kitchen counter, so that the batter will distribute evenly. 


Bake for 45 mins in 180 c, check by inserting a skewer, it must come out clean. 


Once baked, remove the cake from the oven. Remove the cake from the tin, leave it on a wire rack to cool. 

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Enjoy!! Happy cooking and stay healthy. 


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  1. i made it, and it was superb!
    i added a bit of orange zest , whch gave a tremendous kick of orange flavour….
    not even a piece was left back…
    thx a lot for this recipe.

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