Crab Tomato Spicy Fry Recipe- Nadan Njandu Thakkali Varuval- Amma’s Special Crab Fry

A very special spicy preparation of my Amma, with lot of green chilies, pepper powder and tomatoes. This crab fry is one of my Amma’s own recipe, it’s a simple, spicy and finger licking fry with very few ingredients, that goes well with rice and rasam. I always prefer this crab tomato spicy fry than crab masala or roast. You must need a lot of patience and time to take the meat out from it’s shell, that’s the only difficulty. The detailed recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows.


Needless to say that almost everything that Amma cooks is upto perfection, its her years of practice that has led to perfection and served with love and caring makes the dish totally unique. So many times I have thought the recipes of her, even though I really miss her dishes a lot. Easy to make crab fry with very few ingredients that will be normally available in any kitchen pantry. I got big variety crabs, so I have halved them. These kinds are so fleshy and juicy, perfectly fit for fry, masala and roast recipes.


Tips- You can also make the masala with a little sauce or make them dry according to your wish. For spicyness I have added more green chilies and pepper powder, you can make it spicy or less spicy accordingly. But spicy crab preparations are alwaysbest. The crab changes to orange color it gets cooked perfectly, so this is the basic and easy trick on checking whether crab has got cooked. For this preparation use very ripe red tomatoes, that give extra taste to the dish. 


How to Make Crab Tomato Spicy Fry Recipe- Nadan Njandu Thakkali Varuval- Amma’s Special Crab Fry

Clean crab well in running water, wash well and chop into halves if the crab is big in size.

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Place a clay pot on flame and pour oil, when oil heats up add mustard seeds and allow it to splutter. 


Add onions and saute until they are soft and tender. 

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Add tomatoes, green chilies and salt. Combine very well.

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Close the clay pot with a lid and cook the tomatoes in medium flame until they are mushy and soft. Open the lid in between and saute well. 


Keep the flame on low and add turmeric powder, fennel powder, pepper powder. Saute until well until raw smell goes on.

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Add tomato sauce and combine well.

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Add cleaned and chopped crab, 1/4 cup warm water and salt,combine well. Close the lid and cook for 10- 15 minutes in medium flame. 

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Open the lid and stir for few minutes, so that crabs get well coated with the gravy.Adjust salt at this level and Serve along with rice and rasam.


Enjoy!! Happy cooking and stay healthy. 


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