Brinjal Crispy Spicy Fry Recipe

Brinjal- Egg Plant Spicy Crispy Fry Recipe- Nadan Kathirikai Varuthathu- Pan Fried Eggplant Recipe

Here is the simple an excellent spicy fry I made using my home grown brinjal that I harvested today and I wanted to cook this recipe with it. It is easy to make and is one of my favorite brinjal recipes. This pan fried eggplant I wanted to try for a long time and finally made it today for my kids lunch box. This is my Amma’s recipe and she used to made this as side dish for rice along with tomato rasam. Brinjal also known as aubergine or egg plant in many parts of the world. This can served as a side dish for rice, curd rice, lemon rice or even with roti. The detailed recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows.

brinjal spicy fry

Basically I love the flavor of fennel seeds, so I have used fennel powder to this. If u want you can substitute it with garam masala powder. Friends, try this spicy crispy brinjal fry with rasam or moru curry. It takes very less time to prepare in busy mornings and you can pack it for your lunch box as well. I am sure your friends will ask the recipe. This can be served as quick vegetarian appetizer too. Brinjal has many health benefits which makes it something you should try and eat at least once every week. Fibre and antioxidants are just two of the nutrients that make brinjal a food that can keep cancer at bay. Brinjals are great for weight loss as they are low in calories with 100g of the vegetables containing just 25 calories.

Brinjal in backyard of my home

Tips- For proper cooking of brinjals, always keep the flame medium low, so that the inner portion will get cooked.  Cut the egg plant into thin rounds. As you cut brinjal, put them in salt water or sprinkle salt over the pieces. This removes the compounds that render bitter taste to the vegetable. It also makes your dish more tasty and palatable.

Brinjal Fry- Crispy Fry Recipe

How to Make Brinjal- Egg Plant Spicy Crispy Fry Recipe- Nadan Kathirikai Varuthathu- Pan Fried Eggplant Recipe

Trim the top portion of the brinjal and cut into medium size rounds. 

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Put brinjal in salted water to avoid colouring and bitter taste. Keep it for 5 minutes and drain out the water completely, pat dry them in a kitchen towel.

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Make a thick paste out of the besan/garam flour, rice flour, salt, red chili powder, turmeric powder, fennel powder, lemon juice and hing powder. 

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Apply the paste on both sides of the egg plant and set aside for 5-10 minutes. 


Heat oil in a pan and add curry leaves.

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Place 4 brinjal slices at a time and cook in medium flame on both sides until becomes golden brown.Transfer to a tissue paper once down and serve hot along with rice.

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Enjoy!! Happy cooking and stay healthy.


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