Ethakka Appam Recipe- Pazham pori

Ethakka Appam Recipe- Pazham Pori- Kerala Style Banana Fritters

This is an all time favorite snack of malayalees. A typical evening snack made using ripe plantain, extremely popular in all parts of Kerala in different names. Relish it all along with a cup of hot steaming coffee or tea. This had been my favorite tea time snack right from childhood. It’s also a very fast and easy to make dish as your evening snack or either for your friends get together or as a party dish. The detailed recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows.

Ethakka Appam Recipe

Ethakka appam is a snack where ripe banana slices are dipped in a flour batter and deep fried to get a crispy coating with softly cooked banana slices inside. In the authentic recipe banana slices are coated in all purpose flour batter and then deep fried. Today I am showing the authentic version of pazham pori. I have already posted the healthier version with wheat flour long back. The bananas used to prepare pazham pori are nendram pazham, these variety of bananas are long large and are firm even when ripe. As usual this is my mom’s recipe, she used to prepare these sweet banana fritters as an evening snack for us.

Pazham Pori Recipe

Tips- Instead of rice flour, if you want you can use semolina/rave as an alternative. Rice flour is mainly used to keep the pazham pori more crispy. You can also use wheat flour instead of maida/ all purpose flour. The pazham pori get soggy and the coating gets chewy and soft once cold so it is best served hot or warm. Kerala ripe plantain/ nendra pazham is used to make pazham pori. I have used very ripe black skinned banana for the preparation, that taste more good. 

Ethakka Appam

How to Make Ethakka Appam Recipe- Pazham Pori- Kerala Style Banana Fritters

Peel two large bananas, then slice them in half or quarters. Then slice each piece vertically in two equal parts.

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In a large mixing bowl, add maida, sugar, turmeric powder and rice flour. Then mix very well and pour water accordingly, mix to smooth batter without any lumps. 

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Then add baking soda and salt. The batter consistency is slightly thick so that it coats the banana slices very well.

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Heat oil in a wide frying pan. 


When the oil become medium hot, then dip each slice in the batter and coat well with the batter.

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Very gently place each banana slices in medium hot oil. Fry the slices in medium heat, when one side is cooked then turn over gently and fry the other side too. 

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Fry both the sides until golden brown and remove with a slotted spatula. Serve hot along with tea or coffee as an evening snack.


Enjoy!! Happy cooking and stay healthy. 

Ethakka Appam Recipe

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  1. Can I use all rice flour to make this? Or is it best to mix rice flour with all purpose flour?? Can other soft fruit be used instead of banana??

    1. You can use all purpose flour along with little rice flour too. Other than banana no fruits can give the real taste of the dish.

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