Nadan Njandu Muringakka Manga Etta Curry

Nadan Njandu Muringakka Manga Etta Curry- Trivandrum Style Crab Cooked with Drumstick and Raw Mango

This s a Kerala home staple dish especially Trivandrum side. Today’s recipe yet another simple yet super delicious combo, crab with raw mango and drumsticks cooked in coconut gravy. My mother used to make this kind of curry with prawns and mangoes. Drumsticks/ muringakka and manga/mangoes adds a lot of flavor to the dish. Drumstick is my favorite which gives the curry a very unique flavor. It is served with rice or boiled tapioca. I have already posted many crab recipes before, you may also check it out and try it. The detailed recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows.

Njandu Muringakka Manga Etta Curry

The preparation is very simple and the ingredients are very easily available at your kitchen. This curry is prepared by grinding fresh grated coconut with spice mix and then cook crab along with drumstick, mango in this coconut gravy. This recipe is by my friend Sheema’s mother and the key to its success is the simplicity of the recipe. Thank u Anuty for such a great recipe and my family enjoyed the dish to the core.

Njandu Curry

Tips- I use kashmiri chilly powder and more green chilies, but you can use as per your preference. U can substitute prawns or any type of fish to make this curry. You can even use tamarind too, if the mango is not much tangy. Some use tamarind along with raw mangoes, but here I have used raw mangoes alone. If you like to add tamarind you can use it along with mangoes. Use mango as per the tartness in the mango, some varieties has more tart and some less. And if you want more tangy curry, you can use more mango than mentioned. 

Njandu Manga Murigakka Etta Curry

How to Make Nadan Njandu Muringakka Manga Etta Curry- Trivandrum Style Crab Cooked with Drumstick and Raw Mango

Clean and cut crabs, If it is large cut them into pieces and set aside.

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In a cooking clay pot add crabs, add mango pieces and drum stick pieces. Set aside. 


Grind grated coconut, kashmiri chilly powder, turmeric powder, fenugreek powder, garlic, shallots and very little water.

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Then add ground coconut paste along with crab. Pour water, salt and green chilies, combine well. Do not add too much water. 

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Keep the clay pot on stove top and cook in medium flame. When it is half cooked add curry leaves and keep the flame on low and cook till the gravy thickens. 

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Once the crab is cooked, pour coconut oil and off the flame. Cover the clay pot with lid and let it rest for 30 minutes before serving. Serve along with rice or mashed tapioca.

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Enjoy!! Happy cooking and stay healthy. 

Njandu Curry Trivandrum Style

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