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Gothambu Puttu Recipe- Kerala Whole Wheat Puttu- Healthy Meal & Best Diabetic Food- Tips for Soft and Yummy Wheat Puttu

There are many variations to this dish, I was introduced to wheat puttu in my grandma’s house.  And after tasting it for the first time, I fell in love with it. I used to enjoy eating them along with banana and sugar. I still remember those old days at my grandma’ s house, while she making wheat puttu, a nice aroma that spreads all over the house, its like a sweet smell. 100 percent whole wheat puttu is one of the healthiest breakfast or dinner idea. I have already posted erachi puttu/ meat puttu recipe, I have never posted a wheat puttu, so thought of posting a very soft and tasty gothambu puttu. This is how my grandma used to make wheat puttu. So lets see recipe with detailed step by step cooking pictures follows.

Kerala Wheat Puttu Recipe

An easy recipe on such a bussy morning, It is a recipe that you can prepare quick, simple, tasty and healthy. Wheat flour is mixed with warm water, salt and steamed with freshly grated coconut. The trick to make the wheat puttu softer is lies with the proper wetting of the flour. Puttu can be made up of wheat flour, rice flour, corn flour, raggi flour, tapioca flour etc. It is made using wet flours with layers of grated coconuts in a special cylindrical shaped cookware or bamboo or coconut shell shaped cookware, used to serve with kadala curry/ chickpea curry , chicken curry, egg curry, green gram stir fry or with ripe banana.

Gothambu Puttu Recipe - Kerala Whole Wheat Puttu

Tips- The trick to make soft and yummy puttu lies in it’s wet coarse powdery texture. Always use warm salted water to make puttu flour, that give a soft puttu. Sprinkle water little by little in between like massaging powder by powder with your fingers. The exact texture is when you can create a small ball of flour on your fingers and when you crumble it should become powder. My grandma used to add little thick coconut milk to make puttu flour. In wheat puttu, pulsing the flour is very important to get a soft, smooth, lump free puttu. While filling the prepared flour in to the maker, be careful to put it lossely not packed and pushed hard into it. More coconut you add more tasty it will be. Puttu should be served hot or warm, otherwise do re-steam it to have it later fresh and hot. 

Gothambu Puttu Recipe

How to Make Gothambu Puttu Recipe- Kerala Whole Wheat Puttu- Healthy Meal & Best Diabetic Food- Tips for Soft and Yummy Wheat Puttu

Take warm water in a cup and add salt, set aside. 


In a big mixing bowl add roasted wheat flour.


Sprinkle little coconut milk and mix well. ( this step is optional. 

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Then sprinkle salted warm water little by little and gently mix with hand until they get wet not that lumpy yet . The right consistency is reached when you press flour in your hand it forms a shape and not crumble off. 

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Add the flour in a mixer jar and pulse it couple of times. This will remove the lumps and get very soft puttu.

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Now fill your puttu kudam or pressure cooker ( puttu pot) with water till two third full. Allow the water to boil. 


Now take the cylindrical tube part of the puttu maker, insert the flat disk with holes at the bottom of the tube and add 1 and 1/2 tbsp of grated coconut and wheat flour till half. 


Then add again 1 and 1/2 tbsp of grated coconut and fill the cylinder tube with wheat flour and add again grated coconut on top. ( The wheat flour must be loosely filled and not tight packed.)

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Place the filled cylinder tube on the puttu pot and cover it with the cap.

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Steam it for 8-10 minutes, when the puttu is cooked the steam will start coming through the holes on the lid. Remove the cylinder tube from the pot and open the lid, using the handle of a tall spoon slowly push the puttu and slide it on a plate. Serve along with curry you like.


Enjoy!! Happy cooking and stay healthy.

Wheat Puttu

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  1. I use the same method as you to make wheat puttu except that I mix whole wheat and refined wheat flour in equal portions.
    My puttu is soft while hot but becomes dry and slightly hard when it cools down. Why is that?

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