Mango Trifle Dessert

Summer Cooler Mango Trifle Dessert- Mango Trifle Pudding Recipe- Mango Summer Breakfast Recipe

The mango trifle dessert is an easy no bake recipe that you can try very easily at home. Summer perfect time to indulge in mangoes. Now a days I am trying out new recipes using ripe mangoes in various forms. Here is a delicious mango recipe you can try it out very easily in this mango season. Moreover, it is an easy mango recipe that’s ready within minutes. Lets see how to make this amazing mango dessert in a jiffy, the detailed recipe with step by step making pictures follows.

Mango Trifle Pudding Recipe

Actually Triffle is a layered english dessert which has layers of sponge cake, fruits like mangoes, strawberries or any seasonal fruits, chilled custard or cream and sometimes jelly too. The trifle is sometimes also called a fool/foole. I have used an alphonso mango to make the trifle and so I did not use any jelly. Always alphonso mango is best for this recipe. This mago trifle was loved by all at my family and even crave for more and more. These are really perfect for family get together, party and at anytime.

Mango Trifle Breakfast Summer Recipe

Tips- I used leftover  homemade eggless vanilla cakes slices. I added very little sugar along with mangoes to make thick juice, already my mangoes were sweet. The juice has to be thick in consistency else the cake layer turns soggy. I made whipping cream at home using fresh cream and icing sugar, whip nicely using a electric blender. The cream layer can be repeated any number of times according to your taste and sweetness needed.

Mango Trifle pudding

How to Make Mango Trifle Dessert- Mango Trifle Pudding Recipe- Mango Summer Breakfast Recipe

In a blender add mango pieces and sugar, blend very nicely until smooth. 

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Take two glasses and wipe them clean, first add a layer of vanilla sponge crumbs at the base. Followed by whipping cream layer using a piping bags. ( SEE TIPS ABOVE TO MAKE WHIPPING CREAM AT HOME)

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Then add in chopped mangoes. 


Then pour mango juice and followed by whipping cream layer. 


Add chopped mango pieces and garnish with cherry. Serve chilled. 

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Enjoy!! Cheers!! Stay healthy, happy summer for you all. 

Mango Trifle

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