Chemba Puttu- Red Rice Puttu & Green Peas Curry Recipe- Typical Authentic Kerala Tea Shop Style Breakfast Puttu and Greenpeas Curry

Puttu is a most popular traditional Kerala style breakfast, cylindrical steamed cake from Kerala. Puttu with Greenpeas curry is really delicious and my craving for puttu was totally satisfied with this wonderful combo. It is a healthy breakfast commonly served almost every homes and tea shops in Kerala. Puttu can also be had with a combination of dry moong dal curry, kadala curry/black chickpeas curry, papad, banana, egg curry etc. A very simple, healthy and easily made breakfast. The detailed recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows.

chemba puttu and Greenpeas Curry

Usually puttu is made with normal roasted rice flour in the same procedure, But today I am showing puttu with chemba/ red rice flour which is more healthier due to the fibre content present in the rice. Lot of red rice flour are easily available in shops in different brands like double horse, nirapara, brahmins etc. This puttu will be a little dark since the flour is of red rice and a little firm, so should take care while mixing the flour. Tea shop style greenpeas curry is a onion tomato and coconut milk based curry. I always love fresh green peas in the curry, so I am using good quality of fresh green peas. It is a great option to eat with puttu in breakfast or dinner. Try this mild spicy curry along with puttu and do post your valuable feedback in comment section.

Chemba Puttu- Redrice Puttu with Greenpeas Curry

Tips- If you don’t have puttu kutti, you can use your idly steamer in an idly mould too. Fry the flour in a slow flame in a pan without changing the colour before making puttu. Ensure there are no lumps in the flour before steaming. Use only lukewarm water to the flour while processing the flour. I have used homemade puttu flour, for that soak red raw rice/ chemba pachari for 3 hours and drain the water and dry it inside in a thick towel, when it is almost dry, grind it into a powder and let it be slightly coarse. If you are using dry greenpeas then soak it in two cups of warm water  for over night.

Chemba Puttu & Greenpeas Curry Recipe

How to Make Chemba Puttu- Red Rice Puttu & Green Peas Curry Recipe- Typical Authentic Kerala Tea Shop Style Breakfast Puttu and Greenpeas Curry

Place puttu flour in a mixing bowl, add salt as needed. Combine well, add few teaspoon of water just to wet the flour. Water quantity may differ according to different brand of flours

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Mix well with your fingers until the flour is very slightly wet and dry crumby. The flour should be moist and crumbly. But there should not be any lumbs. 

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Let the flour rest for 7-10 minutes. Meanwhile pour water in a puttu kudam/ puttu pot and bring to boil. 


Now layer the puttu in cylindrical tube, firstly add little grated coconut. Followed by puttu flour ang again top it with coconut. Like this you can make multiple smaller layers. 


Once the water in the pot start boiling, place the cylindrical tube with a lid and fix it on the pot. 


Meanwhile wash and cut the veggies, wash well and drain out well, set aside. 


Heat a sauce pan with coconut oil and added the whole spices. 


Add chopped onions, ginger, garlic and green chilies too. Fry until they turn into golden colour, fry almost for 3-4 minutes in medium flame. 

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Then add in chopped tomatoes and saute until tomatoes are mushy and soft. 

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Now add turmeric powder, coriander powder and fennel powder. Give it a good mix, remove from heat and set aside to cool. 

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Grind this cooked masala mixture in a blender, along with very little water. Ground to a smooth paste and set aside for later use.

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Now in the same pan pour thin coconut milk, needed salt and vegetables like greenpeas, beans and carrot. Cook until greenpeas is soft and tender. 

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Then add in ground paste and 1 cup water. Allow it to boil and simmer the flame for few minutes, so that the gravy will turn slightly thick. 

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Pour thick coconut milk and mix well. Off the flame. 

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Do the tempering and transfer it over the curry, close the pan with a lid until served. Serve along with puttu or any Indian bread of your choice.


Enjoy!! Happy cooking and stay healthy. 

Chemba puttu and curry Recipe

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    1. grated coconut is used to layering the puttu…before cooking in cylindrical tube… 1st grated coconut is added then puttu flour then again grated coconut ..like that…then only tube will be placed in puttu pot for steaming…

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