Rava Upma Recipe- Easy and Quick Breakfast Recipe

Upma Recipe- Rava Upma- Healthy South Indian Sooji Upma- Easy and Quick Savory Breakfast

One of the simplest, humble breakfast that can be made in a jiffy. The breakfast menu of upma and cups of black coffee is a common favourite in my home. In this upma, rava/semolina is cooked with onions, mixed vegetables and delicious tempering of mustard seeds, curry leaves, dry red chilies, cashew nuts and rasins. Along with semolina, fresh carrots and beans definitely makes a healthy breakfast that is really tasty too. You can pack in kid’s lunch box too. It is usually served with spicy coconut chutney or banana. The detailed recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows.

Rava Upma Recipe

Upma is nutritious with semolina is made with wheat. There are many varieties of upma with different ingredients. Upma is usually prepared with ghee, more ghee will enhance the taste and texture of the dish. Upma is also called as uppitu in some parts of south India. Chefs all over the country today are experimenting with upma and recreating it in their own ways, using global ingredients. Upma can also be made with whole or refined ground whaet, vermicelli, oats, bread, idlis etc. So lets try to make and wondeful to experiment with and do post your valuable comments.

Rava Upma Recipe- Healthy South Indian Sooji Upma

Tips- The water quantity depends upon the texture you want the upma to be, I like my upma to be fluffy. If you want a sticky, gooey texture add more water, upon choice. The quantity of water I have used is 1:2, that means I have used double amount of water than rava. In short 1 cup rava you need 2 cups of water. If more water is added then it gets loose and sticky texture. If less water is used then it becomes dry. The rava/ semolina should be roasted properly for a non sticky and fluffy upma. If you want the upma to be bit tangy, add chopped tomatoes or squeeze lemon towards the end.

Rava Upma Recipe- Easy and quick Breakfast

How to Make Rava Upma Recipe- Healthy South Indian Sooji Upma- Easy and Quick Savory Breakfast

Heat a pan or kadai first, add rava/ semolina, stir often and roast in low flame. Once the semolina becomes fragrant and starts to look dry, off the flame and transfer to a plate, set aside. 

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In the same pan, add ghee and heat up.


Add mustard seeds and allow it to splutter, then add in red chilies, curry leaves, ginger, green chilies and saute for few minutes. 

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Add cashew nuts and rasins, saute well. Now add the finely chopped onions and saute the onions till they become translucent.

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Then add the chopped carrot and beans, stir and saute for few minutes. 

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Then add in 4 cups of water to this mixture and allow it to boil. Then add in sugar and needed salt. Sugar is optional and you can skip it. 

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When the water comes to rolling boil, lower the flame and add the rava little by little. Quickly stir and mix very well. The rava will absorbs all water content and get cooked. 

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Stir in between and allow the rava to dries up, then it will turn soft and fluffy. Cover the pot with a lid and leave in low flame for sometime. Stir in between.Then switch off the flame and allow it to rest for sometime before serving.  


Enjoy!! Happy cooking and stay healthy. 


                           Ready To Serve 

Rava upma

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