Thenga Chammanthi Recipe

Thenga Chammanthi- Kerala Style Coconut Chutney Recipe

My Amma’s special chammanthi/ chutney for kanji. All time favorite at my home along with rice porridge, dosa or idli. Amma usually use a mortar and pestle to prepare this. But this time she shown me how to prepare this perfectly in an Indian blender without compromise on taste. It is an authentic Kerala accompaniment to kanji /rice gruel/ rice porridge and is mostly seen as the side dish for common man’s food. The detailed recipe with step by step making pictures follows.

Thenga Chammanthi- Kerala Style Coconut Chutney

I still remember when I was fell sick at times, my amma used to make this tasty chutney along with broken red rice gruel. I still remember my ammuamma/ grandma pounding the chammanthi in the stone mortar. That method of preparation adds extra taste to the chammanthi rather than one prepared using a Indian blender. One of the best combination to serve with the kanji. we call chammanthi in malayalam and thovaiyal in Tamil. There are many variations of chutney and each one has unique taste according to the way of preparation of each home. Readers don’t worry I am going to post some more traditional chammanthi recipes from my home in coming weeks.

Thenga Chammanthi

Tips- Do not use a drop of water for this recipe, you can use one teaspoon coconut oil while grinding. Try to grind chammanthi without water, if its possible. I do recommend using fresh coconut for this particular recipe. Whole dry red chilies enhance the taste of the dish, if you don’t have that you can even use chili powder. Use dry red chilies or chilly powder according to your spice level. Do not add too much tamarind. Two or three curry leaves is enough, do not add more.

Thenga Chammanthi- Coconut Chutney

How to Make Thenga Chammanthi- Kerala Style Coconut Chutney Recipe

Keep the ingredients ready and set aside. 


In a blender add dry red chilies, ginger, tamarind, shallots and curry leaves. Then add in grated coconut and coconut oil, coarsely ground in the small jar of the mixer. 


Mix well and pulse it one or two times until everything combined.Blend a little but slightly coarse with out adding water. 


Transfer to a plate and add salt, mix well. 


Shape it as u wish. But traditionally this chutney serve it in ball shape. Serve along with hot kanji/ hot red rice gruel. 


Enjoy!! Happy cooking and stay healthy. 

Thenga Chammathi Dish

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