Baby Squid Green Tomato Pepper Roast

Baby Squid Green Tomato Pepper Roast- Koonthal- Kanava Pacha Thakkali Kurumulaku Piralan- Swadcuisine Special Recipe

This squid recipe is something I long for and a very quick and easy version to make, perfectly flavored with black pepper and green tomatoes. I have already posted so many variety recipes from my Amma, this one is another recipe of my amma. You can also check other squid recipes like squid biryani, squid coconut stir fry, squid currysquid roast etc. Which she used cooked when me and my sister were kids and we loved it very much. I still remember when I used to take this squid roast to college, the moment I open my lunch box, my friends hand will be on my lunch. What ever my amma makes is so tasty and perfect, and my taste buds couldn’t forget how delicious they were. So lets see the detailed recipe with step by step cooking pictures follows.

Baby Squid Green Tomato Roast Recipe

As a malayalee, my love for seafood is so immense. It is low in calories, contains no saturated fat and is high in natural protein and only takes minutes to prepare. Squid are very famous seafood in Kerala. It is made as curry, thoran, roast, fry etc. Cleaning is the big time work, but my amma and ammamma use to clean it so fast.

Baby Squid Roast- Kanava Kurumulaku Piralan

Tips- Green tomatoes are must for this recipe, do not substitute it with ripe tomatoes. Since I am on the spicy side I used 2 and 1/2 tbsp black pepper powder, adjust accordingly by reducing. Slow cooking is the rule here, so remember to maintain the flame at the medium to lowest. Adding coconut slices adds to the taste, you may add few. This roast had with kappa vevichathu/ mashed tapioca makes a great combo.

Baby Squid- Kanava- koonthal Kurumulaku Piralan

How to Make Baby Squid Green Tomato Pepper Roast- Koonthal- Kanava Pacha Thakkali Kurumulaku Piralan- Swadcuisine Special Recipe

Rinse squid under running water. Remove skin, discard heads and break from tentacles. Take bodies alone and rinse under running water, drain out well and pat dry. Set aside. It was baby squid, so I have used it without cutting. 


Heat a pan with coconut oil and add in mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds. Let it splutter, then add in curry leaves and dry red chilies. Saute well for few seconds. 


Add in shallots and little salt, saute until shallots turn soft and tender. 

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Add crushed garlic and saute until nice aroma arrives. 

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Add sliced tomatoes and mix well. Close the pan with a tight lid and cook for 5 minutes in low flame. 

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Add tamarind juice and cook for few more minutes. 

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Then add in turmeric powder and black pepper powder. Saute until raw smell completely diminishes. 


Add squid and salt, combine well. 

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Cook until squid are soft and tender. Do not add water, squid will cook by its own moist content. Then finally add in curry leaves and drizzle little coconut oil. 

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Serve along with rice and mashed tapioca. 


Enjoy!! Happy cooking and Stay healthy.


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