Ada Pradhaman Recipe with Jaggery and Coconut Milk

Ada Pradhaman Recipe with Jaggery and Coconut Milk- Kerala Style Sadya Recipe Ada Payasam

Vishu is almost here and it is one of my favorite festival dish. Ada Pradhaman forms an integral part of Kerala feast/sadya menu. It is prepared with jaggery, rice ada, coconut milk and is especially popular during the festival of vishu and onam. Ada pradhaman is the king of all payasams and a signature dish of Kerala. Pradhaman and payasam both are different, the main  difference between a pradhaman and payasam is that in pradhaman we uses coconut milk and jaggery, while in payasam we use white sugar and cow’s milk. Last time I tried pradhaman with homemade ada/ rice chips. This time I found a packet of readymade ada at my store. So lets see the preparation with step by step cooking pictures follows.

Ada Pradhaman Recipe

The most important event in vishu is the ‘vishukkani’, which literally means “the first thing seen on the day of vishu after waking up”. The vishukkani consists of a ritual arrangement signify prosperity including fruits, rice, vegetables, mirror, yellow flower known as ‘kanikonna’ and coins. This all well arranged and set at night before vishu and is the first sight seen on vishu. Moving on to the vishu feast/ sadya. It consist of variety of side dishes along with red Kerala rice. Finally dessert named payasam/pradhaman would be served and the most Important and my all time favorite is Ada pradhaman.

Ada Pradhaman Recipe- Kerala Sadya Recipe

Tips- Here I have used dark jaggery, That give a appealing and nice color to the dish. Adjust the quantity of jaggery as per your sweet level. Adding more roasted cashew nuts and coconut enhance the taste of the dish, so do not skip. Use fresh coconut milk and more ghee for rich taste. The payasam will thicken once it cools, so while making make it in flowing consistency. If you want it more thicker, then you reduce the thin coconut milk accordingly. If you want you can even use coconut milk or tin coconut milk, but nothing to beat the taste of fresh coconut milk.

Ada Pradhaman- Kerala Sadya Recipe

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How to Make Ada Pradhaman Recipe with Jaggery and Coconut Milk- Kerala Style Sadya Recipe Ada Payasam

I bought brand named double horse ada. Wash ada in running water, then boil water in a sauce pan. Add ada and cook until soft and tender. 

17883733_1462643610423819_8065108863370710076_n 17757262_1462643443757169_1735658101328111713_n

Drain out the ada and wash well in cool water, this helps the ada to stay separate without sticking. Again drain out the excess water and set aside. 


Heat a wide bowl, add jaggery and melt it by adding very little water. 

17861611_1462644223757091_2286276291893354995_n 17862701_1462643753757138_6046369345111880987_n

Strain the jaggery syrup to remove the impurities and set aside. 


Heat 2 tbsp ghee in a pan and fry cashew nut and rasins until golden. Drain out and set aside. 

17523270_1462639123757601_6375900046081092460_n 17798917_1462638913757622_4788126851902637856_n

In the same pan, add coconut pieces and fry until golden brown color. 

17884318_1462638413757672_4056101220584678686_n 17862743_1462638297091017_6653883056637289351_n

Cook sago pearls and set aside. 

17884209_1462642050423975_4666812466696414716_n 17884363_1462641437090703_5722031376935392730_n

Now add cooked ada into jaggery syrup and saute it well. Keep stirring and saute till the syrup thicken.

17757520_1462642303757283_5044363461685907645_n 17800246_1462642133757300_1412623952820868978_n

Add 3 tbsp ghee and saute again for a couple of minutes and more. 


Now add in cooked sago pearls and combine well. 

17884209_1462641360424044_4490611757214370557_n 17862333_1462641160424064_1282262163628889466_n

Now pour the thin coconut milk and mix well, allow it to boil for at least 10 minutes, or until the mixture is slightly thick. 

17800432_1462640607090786_8378396054882490755_n 17862365_1462640063757507_5854727754812664606_n

Reduce the flame to low and pour thick coconut milk and combine well. Add the crushed cardamom and mix well. 

17757145_1462639853757528_749671865289782979_n 17861868_1462638743757639_1120931725267967768_n

Off the flame and add fried cashew nuts, rasins and coconut pieces. Mix well and serve warm along with small banana.

17522908_1462638660424314_8328442122841485744_n 17799186_1462638253757688_2924380458089416933_n

Enjoy!! Happy cooking...Happy Vishu to you all. 


                               Ready to Serve

Ada Pradhaman Recipe- Kerala Style Recipe

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    1. ” Ada” is a traditional pasta made with rice flour. Now a days ada can buy at stores in readymade packets. Sorry dear.. I don’t know the exact word in tamil.

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