Pothichoru Recipe

Pothichoru Recipe- Kerala Traditional Meals Wrapped in burned Banana Leaves- Grandma Special Pothichoru

‘ A nostalgic journey to our childhood days’. A very traditional and nostalgic cuisine from’ God’s own country’. Nostalgia is the other name for this meal parcel. The magic lies in its simplicity- piping hot steamed Kerala red rice, coconut chutney, pickle, vegetable stir fry, omelette and fish fry wrapped in slightly toasted banana leaves. This was how many people in Kerala used to pack a taste of home to take to schools, colleges and workplaces a long time ago. Now a days the same meals packed in sterile lunch boxes never taste the same. Here I am showing you how to make a traditional ‘pothichoru’ with elaborate recipes and pictures.

Pothichoru- A meal wrapped in Toasted Banana Leaf

In a slightly toasted banana wrapped meal which consisted of ‘Kerala red rice’, ‘chammandi’ which is a coconut chutney made with shallots, chilies and tamarind. ‘Thoran’ or vegetable stir fry  made with any vegetable, coconut and spices. Then pickles made with mango or lime is another accompaniment. Finally egg omelets and a lovely deep fried well- flavoured fish. If you grew up in Kerala, this is the smell you associate lunch time with. Try this pothichoru recipe, it may not be pretty and it os definitely messy. But, oh.. it tastes so good. Hope everyone enjoys my pothichoru. For you non- mallu people this may be the rice with 5 side dishes and wrapped in a slightly toasted burnt banana leaf.

Pothichoru Recipe- Ameal wrapped in Banana Leaf

Tips- Cut banana leaves into two, Just heat it directly on the stove flame for few seconds. The banana leaf should burned slightly, so that it will not tear while wraping. Kerala red rice/ matta rice is must for this recipe.

A meal wrapped in Toasted Banana Leaf- Grandma style Pothichoru

How to Make Pothichoru Recipe- Kerala Traditional Meals Wrapped in burned Banana Leaves- Grandma Special Pothichoru


  1. Omelette- How to make omelette,  just click here. You can see each recipes with step by step making pictures. 

Omelet recipe

2. Thoran/ Vegetable Stir Fry- How to make thoran, just click here. 


 3. Fish Fry/ meen varuthathu- How to make fish fry, just click here. 

Fish Fry

4. Chammanthi/ Coconut chutney- How to make chammanthi, just click here. 


5. Mango Pickle/ Manga achar- How to make manga achar, just click here.



Toast Banana leaves slightly, directly showing on stove top. Then get ready with cooked rice and mouthwatering curries. Place a new paper on the table and place toasted banana leaf on top. Then add in cooked rice and curries on top. Wrap it well and keep it rest for at least 1 hour before serving.

Pothichoru- Meal in Banana wrap Recipe

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