Mango- Chickoo Smoothie Recipe

Mango- Chickoo Smoothie Recipe- Chickoo/ Sapota- Mango Creamy Milkshake Recipe

Here’s one more drink perfect for summers. Chickoo fruit is known by many different names across world. Some of the names of chickoo are sapota, sapodilla, plum etc. Coming back to the smoothie recipes, I have shared many milkshakes and smoothies on the blog are mango- banana smoothie, creamy mango milkshake, mango chocolate shake, oreo milkshake, mango mastani, cherry milkshake, mango- dates smoothie, chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie, chocolate banana smoothie. Check out all these recipes and beat the heat with cool and refreshing drinks. This mango- chickoo smoothie made with two delicious fruits and chilled milk is the other ingredients. Let’s check out how to make this smoothie.

Mango- Chickoo Smoothie

This nutritious blended drink is a great treat for any time of the day, its perfect for kids as snack after school or a post- workout drink. Kids will love this after school or after evening play time. As a kid, I used to enjoy it as breakfast. Here my kids prefer to have milkshake with chickoo rather than eating whole fruit. My most favorite among all varieties of milkshakes and would love to have it anytime especially during hot summers. If you are looking for more summer drinks, then click here.

Mango- Chickoo Milkshake Recipe

Tips- Combining dry fruits like dates add the nourishment and it will tastes delicious. Adjust milk according to your desired thickness. You can substitute chickoo with banana or apple. Use chilled milk for thick consistency, If your milk is not chilled add 2 scoops of ice cream. It adds a nice creamy touch to smoothie. I have used organic chickoo and mangoes the fruits were really sweet, so I have used very less sugar. Serve immediately.

Mango- Chickoo Creamy Milkshake Recipe

How to Make Mango- Chickoo Smoothie Recipe- Chickoo/ Sapota- Mango Creamy Milkshake Recipe

Wash the mango and pat dry, remove skin with a peeler. Roughly chop the mangoes and add to a food processor or blender along with sugar. Add very little water if required to make a smooth paste. 

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Take half portion of the puree in a bowl and keep in refrigerator for later garnishing. 


Along with the remaining mango puree, add in chickoo pieces. ( remove the skin and de-seed the chickoo properly) Make a smooth paste. 

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Pour chilled milk and blend it well until everything combined. 

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Take two glasses and add mango puree first, followed by mango chickoo smoothie. 

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Then top it with mango puree and serve chilled. 

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Enjoy!! Cheers!!

Mango- chickoo Creamy smoothie Recipe

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