Pistachio Milkshake Recipe

Pistachio Milkshake Recipe- Pista Milkshake with Sabja Seeds

Is one of the popular healthy and delicious drink across India. There are many variations of this drink and each one is unique, all taste yummy and refreshing. In this hot summer month, we always feel like drinking something cool, so that our body is hydrated enough to beat the heat. To reduce your body heat and to keep yourself hydrated well, today I am introducing this recipe for you. The detailed recipe with step by step making pictures follows.

Pistachio or pista has several health benefits and it can maintain the cholesterol level in the body and improve the overall health of the body. A drink enriched with many health- benefiting nutrients, very perfect cooling and nutrient dense beverage option, especially for children. For more summer drinks and mocktails, click here.

Pista Milkshake with Sabja Seeds

Tips- You can either use chilled milk or warm milk, But chilled milk and ice cream suite perfect for summer month. U cab even add almonds along with pista. Adding condensed milk give a creamy and rich taste to the milkshake, so you can even substitute ice cream with condensed milk. If you want you omit the sugar from the mix and use sweetener of choice when blending.

Pista Milkshake Recipe

How to Make Pistachio Milkshake Recipe- Pista Milkshake with Sabja Seeds

In a blender add sugar and pistachio, pulse it for 2 seconds. 

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Then add in chilled milk, vanilla ice cream and pista essence. Blend until everything combined. 

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Transfer to glasses, garnish with soaked sabja seeds and chopped pistachio. Serve chilled. 


Enjoy!! Cheers!!

Pistachio Milkshake

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