Mango Lassi Recipe- Restaurant Style Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi Recipe- Restaurant Style Mango Lassi

This cooling yogurt drink, popular throughout the Indian subcontinent. A really chilled beverage to beat the summer heat. Mango Lassi made with juicy ripe mangoes and chilled thick yogurt. The mango pulp imparts a rich golden colour as well as an irresistible aroma and flavor to the drink. The lassi is a refreshing smoothie style drink of yogurt, ice cubes, sugar, flavored with rose water or Indian spices such as cardamom and cumin. Check out other mango recipes here.

Mango Lassi Recipe

Lassi comes in two distinct varieties. One is sweet and the other one is salty. ( also known as chaas) The sweet version is often simply flavored with sugar, which balances the natural sourness of the yogurt. ” In this hot summer, when the heat is intense, I used to enjoy a good lassi instead of a meal. ” I have added rose water to the lassi to give it some extra flavor, But it is optional. If you want you can use cardamom powder too.

Mango Lassi

Tips- Adjust ingredients quantities depending on the sweetness of the mango and the thickness of the yogurt. Here I have used fresh mangoes. You can use either canned mango pulp or cubed or frozen mango. If the store brought pulp is sweet then skip the sugar. If you are using fresh mangoes, try to use a very ripe, less fibre, sweet mangoes. If your mango is not ripe enough, then use more sugar or honey .

Restaurant Style Mango Lassi

How to Make Mango Lassi Recipe- Restaurant Style Mango Lassi

Take chop mangoes in a blender.


Add sugar, adjust the sugar quantity as per the sweetness of the mangoes. Blend it till you get smooth puree. 

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Add rose water or cardamom powder. 


Also add yogurt and blend it well until everything is incorporated and smooth. 

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In a glass, add vanilla flavored thick yogurt and followed by Mango lassi. Serve chilled. 

18157043_1479630145391832_2860870085187295212_nRestaurant Style Mango Lassi Recipe

Enjoy!! Cheers!! Stay hydrated. 

Mango Lassi Recipe

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