Bombay Karachi Halwa Recipe

Bombay Karachi Halwa Recipe- Corn Flour Halwa Recipe- Karachi Halwa

Karachi Halwa is a chewy Indian dessert that everybody would love, loaded with the goodness of cashews, ghee, sugar, corn flour and flavoured with cardamom. It is a delicious and traditional sweet recipe of festivals like Diwali. Lots of people love halwa but do not make it in the home because they think its really hard, time consuming. So today I have for you all one fantastic simple quick karachi halwa recipe with step by step cooking pictures. So come on lets learn to make cornflour halwa or bombay karachi halwa by this simple recipe. If you want to try more sweets and dessert recipes click here.

Bombay Karachi Halwa

My elder son is so fond of sweets and he prefers eating his chapathi with halwa. I make this halwa for my kids and they loved it and request me to make it again and again. I am sure that oldies and kids both love this halwa. My hubby and me all of us just love this halwa. Do share this recipe with your friends and also try this sweet at your home and tell me how it tasted.

Bombay Halwa Recipe

Bombay Halwa- Corn Flour Halwa

Tips- Food colour within this recipe is optional and it is included only to make it appealing. Constantly mix while slowing including corn flour mixture to sugar syrup. More ghee give a tasty halwa, so don’t compromise on including ghee. Con flour ought to be combined with water without lumps formed or else, the halwa wouldn’t be chewy and effectively cooked.

Bombay Corn Flour Halwa Recipe

How to Make Bombay Karachi Halwa Recipe- Corn Flour Halwa Recipe- Karachi Halwa

In a large mixing bowl, add 1 cup corn flour, followed by 3 cups water. Mix well without forming any lumps. Set aside. 


In a non stick pan add sugar, further add 2 cups water and mix well. Allow the syrup to boil, do not allow the syrup to turn one string consistency. 


Then pour the prepared corn starch mixture into the boiling sugar syrup. ( mix the prepared corn flour mixture well before pouring)

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Stir continuously on low heat and add lemon juice. Once the corn flour mixture starts to thicken add ghee. 

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Maintain a low heat and keep stirring till the mixture thickens without forming lumps. Repeat ghee little by little and keep on stirring. 


Then add in cardamom powder and stir well. 


Now add in crushed cashew nuts and mix well. Add food colour and combine well. 

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Now the mixture will start to form a lump, do not over cook after this stage.

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Off the flame and immediately transfer the mixture to a tray. Level the halwa with a spatula and allow the halwa to rest for 2 hours. Finally cut into desired shape and serve. 


Enjoy!! Happy cooking! Stay healthy!

Bombay Karachi Halwa Recipe- Corn Flour Halwa

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