Ghee Roasted Bananas- Caramelised Whole Banana Ghee Roasted

Ghee Roasted Bananas- Caramelised Whole Banana Ghee Roast

Ethappazham or nendra pazham,is a favorite of the Keralites. This is something easy and ideal snack for toddlers, kids as well as elders. This simple and yummy snack were a regular in my tiffin box. Now let’s check how to make this banana ghee fry recipe, it is also known in Kerala South India as Ethapazham Neyil Varattiyathu. For more snack recipes just click here.

This snack helps to weight gain. Kerala banana are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, Folate, Vitamin E etc. Actually I made this for my clients for there iftar party and immediately clicked pictures in the packing container itself.

Tips- You need to use really ripe ethappazham or nentran pazham for this recipe since those are the bananas that give much taste to the dish. Adjust sugar accordingly to the sweetness of banana. Here I have used whole banana, If you using for small babies, make sure to remove the center black seeds part for easier digestion.

How to Make Ghee Roasted Bananas- Caramelised Whole Banana Ghee Roast

Peel the bananas and set aside. 


In a sauce pan, add sugar and very little water. Make a caramelized sugar syrup in low flame. 


Then add in ghee and crushed cardamom. Finally add the bananas and cook the bananas in ghee until golden brown. It may take 5- 10 mins. In between roll the bananas using a spatula. 


When bananas are golden brown and soft. Sprinkle grated coconut and little sugar too over the roasted bananas. Switch off the flame once done and serve hot. 


Enjoy!! Happy cooking and stay healthy.

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