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Beef Pickle- Kerala Style Nadan Irachi Achar- Spicy Beef Pickle Recipe

Pickle, also called achar is an integral part of Indian cuisine. I know there are multiple ways to prepare beef pickle. But this recipe helps you to make in a very simple way. As usual the source of this recipe is my sweet mother. She used to make plenty varieties of pickles and this one is most wanted among them. kerala style beef pickle preparation for preserving meat for more days. This pickle always take me to the childhood days, which my Amma used to make very often. After making this, she would store this in a sun dried air tight container.

The salt, oil and spices acts as a preservative. To this pickle the garlic, ginger and crushed red chilies adds a very good flavor and taste. You can add or reduce the amount of ginger, garlic and crushed chilies according to your liking and spice level. For us, the beef dishes are such an important part of our food. In this recipe, the beef are chopped into tiny pieces and cooked along with spices and them deep fried. Then the beef is mixed with some regular spices blend and it becomes an irresistible fusion of flavors. You can find some of our famous beef recipes by clicking here. So onam is very near by, so advance happy onam to all my readers, you will get more onam sadya recipes here.

Tips- For preparing beef pickle coconut oil is the best. This pickle can be reserved more than 6 months without refrigerating, if clean and dry spoons are used to take out of the pickle. The pickle bottle should be washed well and sun dried, it should be handled hygienically. Use only fresh meat without any fat. Water can be added to the pickle for gravy, but it should be boiled water. You can substitute this recipe for mutton too.

How to Make Beef Pickle- Kerala Style Nadan Irachi Achar- Spicy Beef Pickle Recipe

Cut beef into very small pieces,wash well and drain out completely. Then transfer it to a pressure cooker.


Then add in turmeric powder, one tsp kashmiri chilly powder, garam masala powder and salt. Mix well and add 1tsp sliced garlic, ginger, and add boiled water too, combine well.

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Pressure cook marinated beef until beef is cooked well on medium heat. Drain the cooked beef and reserve the stock for later use.


Heat oil in a frying pan.


Add cooked beef pieces and fry until dark maron color on low to medium heat.

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Drain out from oil to paper towel and set aside.


In the remaining oil splutter mustard seeds and add curry leaves. Add in the chopped garlic, ginger, green chilies and fry till the raw smell diminishes.Then add in fenugreek powder and saute well.

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Add in crushed red chilies and saute for few minutes in low flame.


Add in the kashmiri red chilly powder, coriander powder and fry until the raw smell disappears for about 2 minutes on low flame. Add in vinegar and reserved beef stock and bring to boil.

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Then add the fried beef pieces and combine well. Adjust salt at this level.

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Off the flame and allow to cool. Transfer to a cleaned sun dried glass jars and keep it for 7 days, everyday shake the bottle. You can use it after 7 days along with rice.


Enjoy!! Happy cooking and Stay healthy.


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