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Hi Everyone, you all know Swadcuisine celebrates the awesomeness of food. The recipes on my blog range from fun and unfussy to a little more involved, but ultimately, they are all delicious. Many of my wonderful readers used to asks me that, whats my favorite food among all. My answer is, I love all food, especially spicy, so it would be hard for me to choose a favorite. I am a foodie, I am cooking, I am eating, I am a food blogger! I don’t know what it’s favorite food is. Thanks for dropping by, please enjoy!

Any blogging is hard work, but food blogging is particularly challenging because you need to master so many skills. Not only you need to write content, but you need to populate your blog with beautiful original photos, build a community that feels loyalty to your work, and engage them through enough channels to keep them live.

Today is a bit of a special post for me as I am telling to my readers here, I am really happy and honoured that within 10 months of food blogging I have been featured in some famous newspapers and magazines.

As featured in :

In Deccan Chronicle

Deccan Chronicle Article

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The Hindu

The Hindu Article about Swadcusine

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The New Indian Express

The new Indian Express Article

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JaiHind TV

Featured in Famous ladies magazine in Kerala ‘MAHILARATNAM’  Dated April 2017


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